Southern Claims Commission

Information Provided by the Tennessee State Library and Archives

This index lists people from Giles County who filed claims with the Southern Claims Commission from 1871 to 1873. These Tennesseans claimed their property had been taken by United States military personnel for use in the Civil War.

The claim files include interesting detail about people and about the Civil War period in Tennessee. Each claimant was required to describe his losses in detail, and to prove his loyalty to the Union. Witnesses gave testimony in support of his allegations. The paperwork in the files is often extensive.

All of the Southern Claims Commission files are located at the National Archives, but the disallowed and barred claim files have been microfilmed and are also available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Allowed claim files are available only by consulting the National Archives, Legislative Records Division, 8th & Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. 20408.

This index is based on volume 55 of Record Group No. 56, General Records of the Department of the Treasury, at the National Archives. It is duplicated on National Archives microcopy M-87, reel 13. The indication of whether the claim was allowed, disallowed, or barred is based on the book Southern loyalists in the Civil War : the Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994).

If you wish to order a copy of a barred or disallowed claim file, e-mail the Tennessee State Library and Archives ([email protected]) and request a price quote. The cost will depend on the length of the file.



Abernathy, James P Disallowed
Ashford, Jackson J Disallowed
Aymett, William Disallowed
Barnes, James Barred
Beasley, Wm M Disallowed
Benson, Wilkin Disallowed
Bramlett, Lunsford, Heirs of Allowed
Butler, James A Disallowed
Campbell, Alexander, Estate of Barred
Campbell, David C Barred
Campbell, James Ross Barred
Cardwell, Wm S Allowed
Carpenter, Richard Allowed
Cobb, Jessie B Disallowed
Cole, Wm F Disallowed
Conley, Calvin Allowed
Crow, Henry C Disallowed
Crowder, Terrill T Disallowed
Davidson, James F Disallowed
Dinker, Patrick Allowed
Dodson, Whit Allowed
Dollins, David B Disallowed
Edmonson, Wm Barred
Erwin, W H Allowed
Esselman, Rebecca Disallowed
Fergeson, J R Barred
Flant, James Barred
Flieman, Geo W, Estate of Allowed
Fogg, Sarah L Allowed
Fogg, Thos S Disallowed
Foust, Saml K Disallowed
Fry, Jesse Disallowed
Gaines, Albert M Disallowed
Gibson, Joseph Allowed
Graves, Nathaniel Allowed
Hammonds, Jesse N Barred
Hancock, Hull H Allowed
Hannah, Andrew found in geographical index but no file number found
Hardiman, Wm J. Disallowed
Harrison, James B. Disallowed
Hart, Mary A. Disallowed
Harwell, Hannah Allowed
Harwell, Logan D Disallowed
Harwell, Thomas Barred
Hendrix, Joshua Barred
Hendrix, Wm C Barred
Hogan, Anderson Disallowed
Hunter, H H, Estate of Barred
Jackson, John Y Barred
Konns, John Disallowed
Literal, Harriet Disallowed
Madry, Elizabeth Disallowed
Madry, John P Disallowed
Malone, Ellas Disallowed
Malone, John Barred
Malone, Murdoch M Disallowed
Marks, Carrol M Barred
Marks, Lewis B Barred
Marshall, John H Allowed
Martin, Ira B Disallowed
Maultsby, Thomas A Disallowed
McCord, Wm G Disallowed
McDonald, John M Disallowed
McGrew, George W Allowed
McIntosh, Neill M Allowed
McMillan, James Disallowed
McMillion, H P Disallowed
Moore, Jane Disallowed
Moses, Henry C Disallowed
Neal, William, Estate of Disallowed
Oliver, Henry Disallowed
Oliver, Samuel Disallowed
Parker, Isaac T Barred
Parks, Asberry Disallowed
Patterson, John Nelson Barred
Patterson, Simpson A Disallowed
Pittard, Grandison Disallowed
Rea, John T Barred
Reed, J C P Disallowed
Rivers, Braxton, Estate of Barred
Rodes, Dangerfield Allowed
Rodes, Mrs J E Disallowed
Rodgers, John Allowed
Rose, Manuel Barred
Sanders, Wm C Allowed
Shadden, Elisha M Disallowed
Shelton, John Barred
Sherrell, John S Disallowed
Sherrell, Samuel Disallowed
Simmons, Lavinia Disallowed
Smith, Zack Disallowed
Smithson, John G, Sr Disallowed
Sovern, Susan Disallowed
Sullivan, John Disallowed
Taylor, James H, Sr Disallowed
Tenery, John E Disallowed
Thweatt, Richard H Disallowed
Townson, Joseph Disallowed
Tunget, T R C Disallowed
Urban, Henry M Allowed
Webb, Henry Allowed
West, Saml A, Estate of Allowed
White, Carr B Allowed
White, Mrs. Thomas C Allowed
White, Sanford M Allowed
White, William R Allowed
White, Wm C, Estate of Allowed
Williams, John Allowed
Williamson, Joseph Disallowed
Wilson, Alfred Disallowed
Wilson, Frank Disallowed
Wilson, Grandison Disallowed
Wood, William P Disallowed
Worsham, Columbus C Barred
Wyninger, John Disallowed
Yancy, Edward G Disallowed

Allowed Claim was approved
Disallowed Disallowed claims went all the way through the process of investigation, including the taking of testimony from witnesses. They tend to be much longer than barred claims. But in the end, the applicants were told that their claim could not be paid. The reasons were diverse, but in general the Commissioners felt that a true Union sympathiser in the South should be able to prove that he was persecuted for his sentiments.
Barred Barred claims were those for which an original application was submitted, but upon the intitial work by the claims investigator it was found that the applicant was ineligible. The claim file was closed and went no further. Ineligibility usually occurred because the claimant was found to have sold supplies to the Confederate Army, or served in a Confederate unit. Those files usually contain only the application and a document stating why the person was barred.

Submitted by: Chuck Sherrill - TSLA