William W. Warren
Pension Application

William W. Warren
Co. J 2nd Reg't Tenn Mtd. Inf (Union Army)

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C.; Nov. 8, 1899.

Questions answered by William W. Warren, Pulaski, Giles Co., Tenn.

1. Are you a married man? If so, please state your wife's full name, and her maiden name. answer: Yes, Mary A. Warren, formerly Buchanan. (I find this strange as his first wife was Mary and the one he was married to at this time was Nancy. SD)

2. When, where, and by whom were you married? answer: Sept. 5, 1865, Near Bryson, Giles Co., Tenn.

3. What record of marriage exists? answer: Marriage license filed with the clerk of the County Court of Giles County at Pulaski, Tenn. as I supplied.

4. Were you previously married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce. answer; Yes, Mary E. Bee, Died June 25th 1864.

5. Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth. answer: Yes, Ida Jane Warren, now Ida Jane Follis, Born June 11th, 1862.

Date of reply, Nov. 16th, 1899.
Signed by William W. Warren
Witness by, J. H. Morris, Pulaski, TN.

The next question and answer page:

1. Where were you born? answer: Giles County, Tenn.

2. When were you born? answer: Apr. 17, 1838

3. When did you enlist? answer: 16th day of March 1863

4. Where did you enlist? answer: Pulaski, Giles Co. Tenn.

5. Where had you lived before you enlisted? answer: In Giles County, Tenn. always.

6. What was your postoffice address at enlistment? answer: Pulaski, Giles co., Tenn.

7. What was your occupation at enlistment? answer: Blacksmith

8. When were you discharged? answer: January 1865

9. Where were you discharged? answer: Nashville, Tenn.

10. Where have you lived since discharge? Give dates, as nearly as possible of any change of residence. answer: 1865, 1866, & 1867 Lincoln Co. Tennessee - Ever since then I have lived in Giles County, Tenn.

11. What is your present occupation? answer: Farming a little.

12. What is your height? answer: 6 feet; Your weight? answer 174 lbs.

The color of your eyes? answer: gray. The color of your hair? answer: gray. Your complexion? answer: fair. Are there any permanent marks or scars on your person? If so, please describe them. answer: No - of recent years I am much stooped - owing to weak breast.

13. What is your full name? Please write it on line below, in ink, in the manner in which you are accustomed to sign it, in the presence of two witness who can write.

Wm W Warren
Witness: J. L. Masters and J. H. Morris

On another sheet of paper:

State of Tennessee Giles County
Personally appeared W. W. Warren with whom I am personally accuquanted and being duly sworn says: I am the same W. W. Warren who served as a private in Co. "J" 2nd Tenn Mtd. Inf. and who is a pensioner under certificate No. 1.046.726 and have a claim pending for an increase pension and in relation then to say: About twenty five or thirty years ago I made a copy from a record in a Bible of which the following is a true and perfect copy now in my possession-

John B Warren was born Feb 27, 1796
Rachel Warren was born Nov 24th 1797
Henry J Warren was born March 20, 1818
Sarah Jane L. Warren was born Mar. 11, 1820
James A. Warren was born Dec 2nd 1822
Joseph A. Warren April 18, 1825
David B. Warren was born Oct. 3, 1827
Mary F. Warren was born Mar 15, 1830 (Mar is marked through and Sept wrote above)
Louisa E. Warren was born Mar. 8, 1833
Elmina M. Warren was born Dec 6, 1835
Wm W. Warren was born April 17, 1838
This paper was stamped Pension Office Jul 2, 1906.

Also in this file were letters from the following people with the notes I copied from them. I didnot copy all of them.

1. Mary E. Prince, she was 57 years old in 1907. Mary stated she knew William Warren's first wife Betty Warren and that Betty was buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

2. William M. Bee, age 73 in 1907, post office, Goodspring, Giles Co., Tenn. He wrote William Warren was married to my sister Bettie Bee, who died during the war of the rebellion, so I'm not sure of the date, between 1862 and 1863. He also stated he did not attend her funeral even though they lived in the same community.

3. Lorena Bee, age 86 years.

4. Ida J Follis, age 46. Ida stated, William Warren was her father.

On the pension for Nancy A Warren, widow of William W Warren was some bills they were trying to collect.

Office of D. J. Follis, Trustee, Giles County, Tennessee
Aug 6, 1910
Hon William Rule
U. S. P. Agent, Knoxville, Tenn.

Dear Sir:
Will you please tell me how we get the amount due on claime of Mrs. Nancy A. Warren who died July 8, 1910 and her certificate no. 649847. From May 4 to Aug 4, 1910 $36.00 Now what is due on this & how do we get it.
Yours Truly. D. J. Follis, Trustee

LOYD DRUG CO; Dr., Rexall Remedies, Pulaski, Tenn.
Administrator: Steve Follis
The bill was for $4.35.

Drs. Wilson & Butler, Physicians and Surgeons, Pulaski, Tennessee for Nancy A. Warren Sept 10, 1910

Nancy Ann Warren's first husband Jesse L. Bryant was a soldier in the Confederate Army. He died July 1863 near Chattanooga, Tenn.

Submitted by: Sue Davis