Service Record of
Lee H. Wisdom

LEE H WISDOM enlisted on 18 November 1861 at Nashville, Tennessee. He was a member of Company "G" 48th Regiment of Nixon's Tennessee Infantry. On November 1862 he was transferred from Capt. Bears Company to Capt. Miller's.

At the "Battle of Chickamauga" this Regiment was in Lt. General D.H. Mills Corps, Cleburn's Division. Brig. General Lucius E Polk's Brigade composed of the 1st Arkansas, 34d/5th Confederate,2nd, 35th and 48th Tennessee Infantry Regiments, and Calvert's Battery. The regiment was in line of battle on the left wing until Saturday noon, when it was moved to the right wing and attacked the enemy about dusk; drove them about one mile, and lay in the line of battle until 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning on September 20, 1863 when it was warmly engaged. The Regiment reported 78 killed and 155 wounded including 3 Captains and Lt. Col. Hughes who were severly wounded.

LEE H. WISDOM was one of these wounded at age 30. He was transported by rail to a "Wayside House" at Augusta, Georgia where he died on 12th October and was buried at Magnolia Cemetery on 14 October 1863. Lee is buried between two of his comrades in this oldest cemetery in Augusta. It is located in the southwest part of the "old yard".

Submitted by: Everett M. Graham
(great great grandson of LEE. H. WISDOM.

I visited this cemetery on October 14, 1990. The tombstone is an upright Marble Slab; 20 inches high, good condition.