Deed of Transfer
Browning to Biles

25 Jan 1851

Deed Book U-463 Giles County Tennessee

Robert J. Browning
Deed to
B. F. Biles

Registered 25 January 1851

I Robert J. Browning have this day bargained and sold and hereby transfer and convey to Benjamin F. Biles and his heirs forever - containing 98 Acres bounded as follows to wit - Beginning on a dogwood and ironwood tree South East corner of a 50 acre tract of David Whitt - running thence South 76 poles to a poplar and white oak in the North boundary of Isaac Magers tract thence West 64 poles to the North West corner of the same thence South 44 & 6/10 poles to a lynn Thence West 54 poles to a black locust thence South 29 poles to a dogwood. Thence West 30 poles to a dogwood and ash thence North with McKinney's heirs and Garrett Merrel's line 245 poles to a double Lynn. Thence 20 poles East to a beech. Thence South 63 poles to a poplar and hickory to Whitt's south West Corner, Thence East 124 poles to beginning.

Test: W. M. Baugh
T. C. Baugh

Robert J. Browning (Seal)

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald