1849 Survey of
Property at
Rock Spring Baptist Church


Rock Spring Church 9 3/4 acres

State of Tennessee, Giles county: By virtue of Entry No. 25, made in
the entry takers office of Giles county, for 10 acres on the 3rd. day
of September, A. D. 1849, in the name of W. L. Willeford, I have
surveyed for Jephthah V. Vandriver, Levi Tucker and William T. Parker,
Trustees of the Rock Spring Baptist Church, and their successors in
office, assignees of W. L. Willeford, nine and three-quarters acres of
land, lying on the waters of Hamms Creek, in Range 2, fractional
section 5 & 5th. civil district, it being for the use and benefit of
said Church and bounded as follows, towit: Beginning at a black walnut
24 poles south & 24 poles west of the eastwardly southeast corner of a
200 acre survey in the name of Grief Harwell (now said Vandivers)
Anderton Tuckers corner of a 315 acre survey; running north 24 poles to
a stake, with whiteoak and two chestnut pointers (tuckers corner) in
the south boundary of said 200 acres; thence west with the same 65
poles to a stake with two poplar & two sugartree pointers; thence south
with same 24 poles to a stake, with spanish oak & two dogwood pointers;
thence east with same, passing corner of same at 16 poles & with said
Tuckers line in all 65 poles to the beginning. This 1st. August 1850.

W. L. Willeford, D.S.G.C.

Submitted by: Roger Harvell

A conveyance from Thomas Harwell (son of Samuel Harwell who died in 1849 Giles) to the Methodist church. This church at Choates Creek on Highway 64 is still active.
Thos Harwell }

To } Deed } Registered Oct 30th 1852

Jas C Shores & others Trustees }

I Thomas Harwell have this day bargained and sold and do hereby
transfer and convey to James N Harwell, William C Harwell, Thomas C
Paine, & Jacob R. Sandusky Trustees appointed for the Methodist
Episcopal church South, and their successors in office forever, for the
consideration of the sum of ten dollars to me paid a certain Lot or
piece of land in the State of Tennessee Giles County and District No 18
containing by estimation one acre and 39 poles be the same more or less
and bounded as follows, Beginning at a cherry & beech on the East side
of the creek thence East 9 1/2 poles to a beech with live Sweet Gum
pointers, thence north 21 poles to W Neils line thence west with his
said line to the creek, thence South with said creek to the Beginning.
To have and hold the same to the said Methodist Episcopal Church South,
I do covenant with the said James N Harwell, William C Harwell, Thomas
C Paine & Jacob R Sandusky Trustees as aforesaid. that I am lawfully
seized of said land, have a good Right to convey it at that the same is
unincumbered, I do further covenant and bind myself my heirs and &
Representatives to warrant and forever defend the title of the said
land and every part thereof to the said James N Harwell, William C
Harwell, Thomas C Paine & Jacob R Sandusky Trustees for said Church as
aforesaid and their successors in office against the lawful claims of
all persons whatsoever. It is also agreed by the said Trustees that if
the Church Should ever cease to be at that place as in any wise thrown
out of the circuit or the society at that place desolve, then the said
land to Return to the said Thomas Harwell or his heirs and assigns and
this Deed to be void This the 15th day September 1851.

Executed and delivered in our presence Thomas Harwell (Seal)

on the 15th day of September 1851.

Harrison D Hart

William M McCoy

James C Shores - Elihu McDonald

J M Ross - J R Sandusky - C Hart - Tho C Payne & Spencer Smith

Trustees for this conveyance appointed & confirmed by quarterly metting
conference - Shoat Creek Circuit 18 September 1852

State of Tennessee }

Giles County } S.C. Personally appeared before me Edward D Jones Clerk
of the county court of Giles County - Harrison D Hart & William M McCoy
Subscribing witnesses to the within named Deed. who being sworn depose
and say that they are acquainted with Thomas Harwell the Bargainer, and
that he acknowledged the same in their presence to be his act and Deed
upon the day it bears date - witness my hand at office this 25th day of
September A. D. 1852

No 51 Sept Recd 3 oclock Sept 25th 1852 } E D Jones Clerk

Submitted by: Roger Harvell