Deed of Transfer
Forbes to Ordway

Robt Forbes
Deed To
Charles N. Ordway

Registered the 24th day of February 1841

This Indenture made and Entered into this twenty Eighth day of April 1840 between Robert Forbes of the one part, and Charles N. Ordway of the other part Both of the County of Giles and State of Tennessee Witnesseth that he the said Robert Forbes hath this day sold unto the said Charles N. Ordway one certain tract of Land. being and Lying on the head waters of Sinking Creek in the County of Giles. Beginning Corner on an Iron wood at Whites south East Corner, thence South with Isaac James' line to a small poplar, thence west with Isaac Majors' line to a blue ash. Thence South to a Double Linn, thence west with George Small's Line to a Black Locust thence south to a Dogwood; thence west with George Small's line to a Dogwood on John McKinney's line, thence North with McKinney's and Merrell line to a Beech and Linm on David Whits South west corner thence East to a Large Beech on Whit's line, thence to Whits line to a Hickory. thence East to the Beginning Corner Supposed to be ninety acres more or less - Also an Lot or parcel of ground Lying in the Town of Elkton, and known in said plat as No 48 for and in consideration of the sum of Fifteen hundred Dollars to him in hand paid by the said Charles N. Ordway his heirs, Executors assigns forever against the Claim of myself my heirs. Executors or any and every person or persons whatsoever will warrant and forever defend by these presents to his only use and benefit with all and singular the appertainancts hereditaments, and in any wise appertaining to the said Charles N. Ordway forever - Given under my hand and seal this day and date first above written.

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of Test James Long, Jas T. U. Hawkins, Robert Forbes (Seal)

State of Tennessee Giles County) JC - Personally appeared before me Edmund D. Jones Clerk of the County Court of Giles County James Long and James T. U. Hawkins subscribing witnesses to the within named Deed. who being first sworn depose and say. That they are acquainted with Robert Forbes the bargainor, and that he acknowledges the same in their presence to be his act and Deed upon the day a bears date - witness my hand at office this 23rd day of February AD 1841.

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald