Deed of Transfer
Fry to Fry

 I have transcribed it as accurately as as I can.  John Fry was my 4th
g-grandfather and William Fry was John's eldest son. The James H. Evans
mentioned in the deed was my 3rd g-grandfather.  He died in 1837, but his
wife Nancy Laird Evans retained ownership of the land.

Giles Co., TN Register of Deeds  Book R  pp396-397
John Fry to William Fry Deed Registered 5th day of August A D 1845
State of Tennessee Giles County  I John Fry have this day bargained
and Sold and do hereby Transfer and Convey to William Fry and his
heirs and assigns forever for the consideration of One Thousand and
Eighty five Dollars to me paid, a tract of land in the aforesaid State
and County and district No 15 on the waters of the middle prong of
Lynn Creek containing by estimation one hundred and forty four and
three fourth acres be the Same more or less and bounded as follows--
Beginning on a poplar and dogwood pointer twenty four poles West of
James H Evans's South East Corner on the north boundary of John Frys
three hundred acres thence South 9 1/4 degrees East Thirty one poles
to a Stake, thence South 73 1/2 degrees west fifty seven & 4/10 poles
to a stake, Thence South eighty degrees West twenty seven & 24/100
poles to a Stake & Hornbeam pointer, Thence South 83 3/4 Degrees West
thirty and 4/10 poles to a beech, Thence South 82 1/4 degrees West
forty Six & 4/10 poles to a Stake & two poplar pointers, Thence South
13 1/2 Degrees East nine and 12/100 poles to a stake, Thence South 80
3/4 degrees west Sixty three and 68/100 poles to a Stake & dogwood and
2 dogwood pointers, thence South 42 degrees West Sixteen poles and
56/100 poles to a dogwood the North West Corner of Said John Frys 325
acres in the South boundary of Said acres thence West with the latter
forty & 20/100 poles to a stake & hickory pointer Said John Fry &
Samuel Hickmans (sd?) corner thence north 7 3/4 degrees East (34
poles) thirty four poles to a hickory  thence north 2 1/4 degrees East
twenty one poles to a hickory, thence north 15 3/4 degrees West
thirteen poles to a Beech, thence north 21 3/4 degrees West passing Sd
Hickmans and Hardy Willeford's Corner and with Said Willefords line
Twelve poles to a hickory & dogwood thence north 1/2 degree east
twenty Seven poles to a black Gum, Thence north 4 3/4 degrees east
eighteen& 16/100 poles to a hollow Scaly bark hickory, Thence north 7
3/4 degrees East twenty five poles to a white oak, Thence north 9
degrees east Sixteen & 6/10 poles to a beech thence South 60 degrees
east passing a hickory Sd Willefords Corner (at?) one pole in all
sixty one poles to a Iron wood, thence East forty four poles to a
hickory & red oak Sd Evans's line, thence South twenty poles to his
corner thence East sixty Eight poles to his corner thence South
Seventeen poles to his corner, thence South 89 degrees East ninety
five & 2/10 poles to the beginning containing as above Stated one
hundred and forty four & 3/4 acres be the Same more or less to have
and to hold the Same to the Said William Fry that I am lawfully Seized
of Said land have a right to convey it and the the Same is
unincumbered,  I do further Covenant and bind myself my heirs &
Representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to the Said Wm
Fry his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of persons
In witness I set my hand and Seal the 6th day of June 1845 delivered
in the presence of us the date above.  (Test)
F. T. McLaurine     John Fry (SEAL)
James H. Evans
State of Tennessee}Sc
      Giles County    }    Personally appeared before me Edward D
Jones Clerk of the County Court of Giles County Franklin T McLaurine
and James H Evans Subscribing Witnesses to the within named deed who
being first Sworn depose and Say that they are acquainted with John
Fry the bargainer and that he acknowledged the Same in their presence
to be his act and deed upon the day it bears date.  Witness my hand at
office this 4th day of August A D 1845         E D Jones  Clerk

Submitted by: Thomas L. Harman
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