Glasgow to Tomerlin Deed, 1850

Giles County, Tennessee
James J. Glasgow to John Tomerlin
Deed for One Hundred Acres of Land
On the Waters of Donahue Creek, A Tributary of Richland
Registered the 6th April 1850
Transcribed by Craig Glasgow

James J. Glasgow have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to John Tornerlin and his heirs forever for the consideration of four hundred dollars to me rec'd a tract of land in the State of Tennessee, Giles County and District No. 6. of containing by limitation one hundred acres be the same more or less and bounded as follows, Beginning at Stephen D. Williams north-west corner on the dividing line between the two heirs of Baucomb ( Baucom) Thence West with said line to a forked chestnut the corner made by John B. Anthony and Noah Hancock Thence South with said Anthony's line to a Stake on the top of the Ridge on which I now reside Thence East with the measuring of the said Ridge so as to give the said Tornerline sufficient room for a yard on the south side of his house to Stephen D Williams West line Thence North with said line to the Beginning. To have and to hold the same to the said John Tornerlin, his heirs and assigns forever I do covenant with the said John Tornerlin that I am lawfully assigned of said land , have a good right to convey it, and that the same is unencumbered. I as further covenant and bind myself, my heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to the said land and every part thereof to the said John Tomerlin, his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever. Witness my hand and seal this 6th day of April 1850.

James J. Glasgow {Seal} Witnessed By :
Joseph C. Rhea
James Anderson

State of Tennessee
Personally appeared before me Edward D. Jones, Clerk of the Giles County, to County Court of Giles County. The within named James J. Glasgow, with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledges that he executed the Deed for the purposes therein contained --- Witnesses my hand at Office this 6th day of April AD 1850.
{ No. 28 April Recd. 4 o'clock April 6th 1850 }

E. D. Jones Clerk

Submitted by: Craig Glasgow