Deed Transfer - Boyd to Hastin

Source: Clara Parker, Old Courts Records, Giles County, Tennessee

Bk IJ pg 154 & 155 Giles County, Tennessee

John & Thomas Boyd
Deed in trust to
N. S. Hastin
for the Benefit of J. C. Hastin
Registered the 17th day of March 1832

This Indenture made an entered into this the 16th day of April Eighteen Hundred and thirty one between John & Thomas Boyd of the first part and J. C. Hastin of the second part and N. S Hastin of the third d part all of the County of Giles and State of Tennessee Witnesseth, that where as said John & Thomas Boyd to secure the payment of certain claims herein after named viz. one note of hand for eighty seven dollars and 50 cents due the 25 December next payable to Thomas Batte to which Joseph C. Hastin is security and another thereof the same description due 25 of December Eighteen hundred and thirty two for the same amount to which J. C. Hasten is security also one note made by John & Thomas Boyd payable the 25th December eighteen hundred and thirty three for two hundred and twenty five dollars. Now therefore this Indenture Witnesseth that in consideration for the promises for the purpose of securing the payment of the above encumbered debts we Thomas & John Boyd hath this day given granted bargained grants sold and delivered unto N. S. Hastin his heirs and administrators & assigns forever the following property Viz two certain lots or parcels of land, containing one half acre more or less in upper Elkton and numbered thirty nine & forty as will appear by reference to the plat of said town as recorded in the clerks office in the town of Pulaski. In trust for the payment before mentioned and for no other purpose viz that this N. S. Hastin his heirs and assigns may sell and despose of all or any part of the _ property for cash at public sale or private sale or he may judge best and the proceeds of the said sale to apply to the discharge of said debts with all interest and credit that may accrue up to the time of such payment. It is understood that the said N. S.Hastin is to give ten days notice of the time and plans of such sale if he should deem it best to expose said property to public sale. It is further understood that the said N. S. Hastin is not to dispose of said property in any way before the last mentioned note shall fall due. But after that time he is authorized according to the provisions above to exercise the power & right that is vested in him by this Indenture. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and office our seals this date and date above written.


John Boyd (seal)
Thoms Y. Boyd (seal)


Sam Y. Anderson

Christopher Harwood

State of Tennessee Giles County Court for November term 1831 then was the within deed of trust from John & Thomas Boyd to N. S. Hastin for the benefit of J. C. Hastin produced in Court and the action thereof proven by the oath of Samuel Y. Anderson & Christopher Harwood the witnesses teste and ordered to be Certified for registration for testimony. Whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 7th day of December 1831.

German Lester, Clerk

Submitted by Ruth Hasten Walsh