Deed Transfer
Nelson to Hastings

Source: Book SS pg. 456, Giles Co. Records

RESISTERED Feby 9, 1889

J. L. Nelson

12 4/10 acres

Carolina Hastings

I J. L. Nelson have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey subject-to the vendors lien H____ retained to Caroline Hastings and her heirs forever for their consideration of $1086 dollars in the following payment to wit: 200 dollars cash to me in hand paid, 200 dollars to be paid November 15, 1889, 200 dollars to be paid Nov. 15, 1890, 200 dollars to be paid Nov. 15, 1891 & 286 dollars to be paid Nov. 10, 1892 for which four credit payments her notes have this day been in _____ to me, a tract of land lying in civil District No. 21 of the county of Giles state of Tennessee containing by survey of W.S. Newbill 72 4/10 acres; and bounded as follows: Beginning at a pile of stone the NW corner of my 196 85/100 acre tract, of which, the land herein conveyed is a part in Barbers -- (translators note: could be Basber’s) --lines & 1 ˝ to 24 chains 70 links

Thence S 89 E 1 ch. 44 L to stake

Thence N 1E 2 ch. 70 L

Thence S.89 E 6 ch.

Thence S 10 N. 20 Ch. Marks & Wilkinsons corner

Thence with road to 84 E 17 ch 30 L to middle of branch

Thence up the middle of ditch with its meanders to a point in the same where the west boundary of my said 196 85/100 acres tract crosses the same by the following base lines N 11 E 7 ch N 4 E 7 ch. N 13 W 2 ch 90 L N 5 W 26 Ch 30 L

Thence with said North Boundary line, N 89 W 17 ch to its beginning. To have and to hold the same to the said Caroline Hastings, her heirs and assigns forever. I do covenant with the said Caroline Hastings that I am lawfully seized of said land, have good right to convey it, and that the same is unencumbered. I do further covenant and bind myself my heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defind the title to the said land and every part thereof to the said Caroline Hastings her heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatever. But it is understood and agreed that I retain my vendor lien upon the above described tract of land for the payment and purchase of ____ and I Mary M. Nelson, wife of the said J. L. Nelson, do hereby join _______ this conveyance and do hereby convey, release quit claim and transfer to the said Caroline Hastings herein and assigns, all right of homestead or dower which I have or may have to __ into the written described tract of land as the wife of the said J. L. Nelson so as to vest a good title in fee simple in the said Caroline Hasting & her heirs and assigns. January 17, 1889

Attest: W. S. Newbill J. L. Nelson
Thos. Reed M. M. Nelson
State of Tennessee) Giles County ) Personally appeared before me Will S. (?) Ezell, clerk of the county court of said county J. L. Nelson & M. M. Nelson the within named Bargainers, with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged the ________ of the attached instrument for the purposes therein contained. And Mrs. M. M. Nelson wife of the said J. L. Nelson having appeared before me (– rest of document is not in possession of the translator.)

Submitted by Ruth Hasten Walsh