Deed Transfer
Nelson to Hastings

Deed Bk II-JJ pg. 587 Giles County, Tennessee

Charles W. Nelson
Joseph Hastings
Registered February 9 1876

I Charles Nelson for and in consideration of Six hundred and fifty dollars paid by Joseph Hasting, I Charles Nelson have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to said Joseph Hasting and his heirs forever the following described tract of land to wit: lying in Giles County State of Tennessee in Civil District No. 2 in Richland Creek and being part of the land that Charles Biles sold to Charles Nelson and bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning at a Sassafras ____ Joseph Hosting NE cornering old tract the SE corner of the Samuel Gariett rd tract, thence S24E13 poles to a stake thence with Ports line N 64 E 16 poles to a small ________ hence N 6 W31 poles to a stake, thence N 64 E 19 poles to a rock in the field thence N 7 W 103 poles to a stake 5 poles East of the Biles spring at the _____ of the Biles on the line of the ___ J. B________ tract, thence S 62 W 56 poles thence S 15 with the East boundary line of the Samuel Garrett old tract now belonging to C. W. H. Biles 114 2/3 poles to the beginning containing 33 acres. To have and to hold the same to the said Joseph Hasting his heirs and assigns forever. I the said Charles Nelson do covenant with the said Joseph Hastings _____ I am lawful seized of said land, have a good right to convey it and state the same is unencumbered. I do further covenant & by myself my heirs and representatives to warrant and ________ and defend the title to said Joseph Hasting to said land, and every _______ against the lawful claims of all persons whatever. In witness, whereof, I hereunto sit my hand and seal This January 10th 1874.

Charles W. Nelson (seal)

State of Tennessee Personally appeared before me H______ H. Aynett, Clerk of Giles County _______________of said County _______________the within named bargainor, Charles W. Nelson, with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledge the execution of the attached instrument for the ______________ ____________, Witness my hand at Office in Pulaski, this 9th day of February 1876. //Filed 10:00 oclock a.m. February 7, 1876

H. H.Aynett, Cerk

Submitted by Ruth Hasten Walsh