Deed of Transfer
King to Magnusson

Giles County, TN Deed BK 55, Pg 149

Lewis A. King. Registered June 2 1900
J. H. Magnusson.

I Lewis A. King. have this day bargained and sole. and do hereby transfer and convey to J. H. Magnusson the real; estate hereinafter described to have and. to hold to the said Grantee in fee simple forever. We covenant with said Grantee. that we are lawfully seized and possessed of said real Estate and have a good right to convey the same and that it is unencumbered.

We further covenant. to forever warrant and defend. the title to said real Estate to said Grantee against the lawful claims. of persons whatever. and hereby release transfer, quit-claim and convey to said Grantee all right to Dower and Homestead in said real Estate. The consideration for this transfer is $700.00 paid and in be paid, as follows: Cash $400.00 the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and the balance in equal annual installments of $300.00 which the said Grantee has executed his note dated this date and bearing interest from date, and to secure the payment of this note and interest a lien is retained upon the real Estate herein conveyed.

Said Real Estate is described as follows: Lying in the 1st Civil Dist: of Giles County, Tenn. and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at point 3 1/2 poles North of Rheas Corner. thence North. 3/4 degrees E 67 1/2 poles to a stake with 3 hickory pointers, there N 46 1/2 degrees W 24 6/10 poles to a chestnut stump, thence North 87 1/2 degree East 110 1/2 poles. to a stake in Thorntons line. thence 4 1/212 with his and Hargroves line a11.126 poles to a stake Hargroves South West. Corner In the Alabama State Line thence 86 1/2 degrees W 40 1/2 poles to pile of rock, an the East bank of a brush; thence North 4 1/2 degrees E. 36 3/4 poles to stake with pointers thence N. 86 1/20 degrees West 46 poles to the beginning. Containing 60 1/4 acres

This Mch 11th 1899.
Lewis A. King.
State of Tennessee)
Giles County )

Personally appeared before one C. O. Bull a notary Public in and for said state & County. the within named bargainer Lewis A. King with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that be executed the within instrument for the purposes. therein contained. Witness my. hand. and seal. of office this Mch 11 1899.

C. O. Bull
Noted June 2, 1900 at 8:10. A. M.
Notary Public (N. P. Seal)

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald