Deed of Transfer
Magnusson to Faulkner

Giles Co. TN Deed Bk 89, page 3

Registered November the 15th 1922

J. H. Magnusson & Wife.
Deed to
D. L. Faulkner.

We, J. H. Magnusson and wife, Sarah Magnusson, have this day bargained and sold, and do hereby transfer and convey to D. L. Faulkner, the real estate hereinafter described. To have and to hold to the said grantee in fee simple forever. We convenant with the said Grantee that we are lawfully seized of said real estate and have a good right to convey it, and that it is unencumbered. We furthermore covenant to forever warrant and defend the title of said real estate to said grantee against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever, and hereby release, transfer, quit-claim and convey to said grantee all rights to dower and homestead which either of us has or may have in said real estate.

Said real estate is described as follows: Lying in the 1st. Civil District of Giles County, Tenn., and bounded as follows:

On the West by J. H. Magnusson; and on the north by W. E. Whitt, (note: should be Sim Whitt); on the east by D. L. Faulkner, containing by estimation 1 acre, more or less. Said land being the northeast corner of the C. E. Bull 12 acre tract. This May 19th, 1915.

Signed J. H. Magnusson.
S. M. Magnusson

State of Tennessee)
Personally appeared before me, G. S. Whitt, a Notary Public in
Giles County.)
and for said State and County, the within named bargainors, J. H. Magnusson and wife, S. M. Magnusson, with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that they executed the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained.

And the said S. M. Magnusson, wife of the said J. H. Magnusson, having appeared before me, privately and apart from her husband, the said J. H. Magnusson, she, the said S. M. Magnusson, acknowledged the execution of said deed to have been done by her freely, voluntarily and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from her said husband, and for the purposes therein expressed. Witness my hand and seal of ....(I failed to copy the rest of the deed. imm)

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald