Deed Transfer
Peterson McGill to William Hogan

Peterson McGill

to (Deed 153)

William Hogan

Registered the 21st day of January 1839

This indenture made on 7th day of January A.D.1837 between Peterson McGill of the State of Tennessee Lawrence Cty. of the one part and William Hogan of the State of Tennessee and Giles County of the other part, Witnesseth, that for a consideration of sixty dollars in hand paid to the said Peterson McGill, hath bargained, sold and conveyed and by these presents doth bargain, sell and convey unto said William Hogan his [..?..] and assigns all the right title claim or interest that I the said Peterson McGill hold in a certain tract or parcel of land belonging to the Estate of Elizabeth McGill Deceased, whereof I the said Peterson McGill am a lawful heir of full age, containing one hundred acres of Deeded land and fifty three acres of occupan[?] land Liad on hulsis branch of Sugar Creek, Bounded on the west by James Craig and Nicholas Jackson and North by Allen Shelton Corner Northwest on A beech, thence running South and East for Criuptimusd [best I can make out...], being surveyed in the name Alexander McDonald and conveyed to Henry Cross then to Robert McGill to have and hold the said Peterson McGills Interest in the said tract of land, being the eighth part of the above named tract of land with all the appertunances there belonging or in any wise appertaining to the only proper use and benefit of him the said William Hogan his heirs and assigns forever, and the said Peterson McGill doth hereby for himself his heirs and assigns covenant and agree to and with the said William Hogan his heirs and assigns, that the before scieted interest in said land and bargained premises he will warrwnt and forever defend against himself his heirs and assigns and every person claiming under or by them but from no other person, in witness whereof the said Peterson McGill hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and date above written, assigned sealed and delivered in the of

(signature) Peterson McGill (seal)

but Intertined before signed

State of Tennessee Giles County

Appeared before me Edward D. Jones Clerk of the County Court of Said County the within named Peterson McGill, with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledges that he executed the within Deed for the Purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at office this 7th of January A.D. 1839

(signed) E.D. Jones Clerk

Contributed by: James H. Davis