Deed Transfer
Joel McGill to Peterson McGill

Joel McGill
Peterson McGill

Registered Sept. 25, 1849

This indenture made this 17th day of September AD 1849 between Joel McGill of Johnson County State of Arkansas of the one part and Peterson McGill of Giles County State of Tennessee of the other part. Witnesseth: That the said Joel McGill for the love he bears and cherishes for his brother said Peterson McGill and the additional consideration of one dollar to him paid by the said Peterson McGill hath given, granted and sold and doth hereby give grant sell and quit claim to the said Peterson McGill and his heirs all his undivided right and interest in a certain tract of land of twenty five acres Granted by the State of Tennessee to Elizabeth McGill by Grant No 19256, To have and to hold all the said undivided interest in said tract of land no [can't read this word] but to him the said Peterson McGill and his heirs against all claims [can't read this word] up through or under him the said Joel McGill but no other claims. In witness whereof the said Joel McGill hath hereto set his hand and the seal the date above written.
Signed Joil McGill
(his signature was written "Joil", while in the deed it was written "Joel")

Personally appeared before me Edward D. Jones Clerk of the County of Giles the within named Joel McGill with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledges that he executed the within deed for the purpose therein contained.
Witness my hand at Office this 17th day of September AD 1849
E.D. Jones Clerk

Contributed by: James H. Davis