Deed Transfer
Peterson & Eli T. McGill to Washington Griffin

Deed Registered Feb. 26th 1850

Peterson & Eli T. McGill
Washington Griffin

This indenture made and entered into this the fifteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine between Eli T McGill and Peterson McGill of the first, both of the County of Limestone State of Alabama and Washington Griffin of the County of Giles and State of Tennessee witnesseth: That the above named Eli T and Peterson McGill for and in consideration of thirty dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath this day granted bargained sold [cannot read two words] and conveyer [cannot read word] by this presents do grant bargain sell [cannot read] and convey unto the above named Washington Griffin all that tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Giles State of Tennessee known as follows in Range Eight and section one on Sugar Creek Beginning on a burch that stands eighty poles east and thirty six poles south from the south east corner of a fifty acre survey in the Name of Henry Cross No. 662 [could be 642 or 442] thence west eighty poles to a white oak in the east boundary of said fifty acre tract north with the same joining the corner at thirty six poles in all fifty poles to a Stake in the field. Thence east eighty poles to a hickory and bush thence south fifty poles to Beginning containing twenty fives acres by survey to have and to hold the above described tract or parcel of land with the appurtanances thereunto belonging and this said Eli T and Peterson McGill for themselves their heirs and administrators does and will forever defend the title to the above described and hereby granted premeses unto the said Washington Griffin for and against all and every person holding or claiming under us also the the [second "the" underlined] lawful claim on demand of all and every person whatsoever claiming in any wise whatever. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this day and date above written sealed signed and delivered in the presence of

Wm F Cole X mark
Bluford Griffen X mark

Peterson McGill
Eli T. McGill

State of Tennessee Giles County Personally appeared before me Edward D. Jones clerk of the County Court of Giles County the [two words - cannot read] William F. Cole Bluford Griffin [several words scratched out]

Contributed by: James H. Davis