Deed of Transfer
Morell to Morell

SAMUEL H. MORELL} Registered February 15, 1873

Known men by these presents that for the love and affection I Samuel H. Morell entertain for my wife Fredonia M. Morell, I do hereby give, transfer and convey to her, her heirs and assigns forever, subject to the limitations herein after named a certain piece or parcel of land containing one Hundred and sixty eight (168) acres more or less situated in Giles County Tennessee in Civil District Number one, and bounded as follows. South by the Alabama State Line, West by lands of Lemuel Henderson, Gilman Holland and Mrs. Mary York, on the North and East by Jacob Vanhoozer and upon which land is erected a saw and grist mill - Also two sorrel horses, two gray horses, one brown mule and one yellow mare colt, one sorrel filly, one bay horse - 70 head of hogs, 3 milch cows and calves and 3 steers, 100 barrels corn and 15 head of sheep and 2 wagons. Together with all the appurtenances, estate, title and interest that I have in said land and the personal property herein before named, this limitation's I give said property to my said wife during her natural life, and at her death to be equally divided between her children by me and in case she may at any time desire to sell any of the personal property named above in exchange it for other in sell said land' and reinvest the proceeds in other lands, in personal property, but when reinvested shall be subject to the same limitations herein named and in the event that my wife should desire to sell said land, power and authority is herein expressly granted her for that purpose, and if she should desire to the same during my natural life, then in order to convey title to the said land, then I will execute a joint deed with her to the purchaser or purchasers of the same, but when reinvested shall be subject to the limitations herein contained. And I convent with my wife the said Fredonia M. that same lawfully possessed of said land and that the same is unencumbered, and that I will warrant and forever defend the title to said land to her and her heirs and assigns forever against any claim to be made by me or any other person claiming though or under me but not otherwise. In testimony whereof I herewith set my hand and affix my seal this the 14th day of February 1874.

Signed/ Samuel H. Morell (Seal)

Attest: J. B. Stacy, Jr.
H. M. Stanley

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald