Deed of Transfer
Henderson to Morganson

Giles Co. TN Deed Bk WW, pg 322

R. L. Henderson et als.
Deed to
J. A. Morganson

Registered January 23rd 1893.

For and in consideration of Five Hundred. and Thirty Dollars. to us in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. We R. L. Henderson and wife Lena Henderson, E. E. Morell, and wife. C. J. Morell. have this day bargained sold transferred. and hereby convey to J. A. Morganson all of our right. title and interest in and to a certain tract or parcel of land situated and lying in Dist No. 1. Giles Co. Tenn. known as Lot No. 3. of the division of the S. H. Morell tract and bounded as follows: Begins at a stake in Henderson's line the S.W. Corner. of lot No. 2. there with said line S2 degrees W. 19 ch. 501 to the Alabama line-there with said line N86 degrees 30 ch. 501. to a stake near. a walnut stump the S. W. corner. of Lot No. 1., there with No. 1. N7 degrees W. 9 Ch. 501 to a stake - then N2 degrees E. 9 Ch. 501 to a stake the S.E. corner. of Lot No. 2, there with No. 2. S 86 degrees W. 28 ch. 601. to the beginning, contains 50 1/2 acres. more or less. We convenant unto the said J. A. Morganson that we are lawfully seized and possessed. of said land and have a right to convey the same. and bind ourselves. to defend the title against the lawful claims of all persons. thereunto. Witness our hands and seal. This Jany 14. 1890. Signed R. L. Henderson, Lena Henderson. E. E. Morell. C. J. Morell.

State of Tennessee Giles County - Personally appeared before me C. O. Bull. a Notary Public of said County the within named bargainors R. L. Henderson. Lena Henderson. E. E. Morell, C. J. Morell with whom. I am personally. acquainted and acknowledged. the execution of the attached instrument for the purposes. therein contained. And Mrs. Lena Henderson and C. J. Morell wife of the said R. L. Henderson and E. E. Morell--- (I failed to copy the rest of the page when I was at the Archives).

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald