Deed Transfer - Oliver to McDonald

Giles County, Tennessee Deed Book O, Page 39

E. D. Jones, Clerk

Annianias & William H. Oliver

To Deed

Alexander McDonald

Registered the 25th day of March 1839

This Indenture made and entered into this 1st day of July 1857 between Ananias Oliver and William H. Oliver, Executors of the Estate of George Oliver, deceased of the one part and Alexander McDonald of the other part and all of the county of Giles and State of Tennessee. Witness that for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid that said Olivers hath given, granted, bargained and sold to the said McDonald a Certain tract of land in the county and state aforesaid, on the waters of Buchannon Creek containing 99? acres and 54 poles and bounded as follows. To Wit - Beginning at a sugar tree and ash in the South boundary of the tract on which Pisgah Meeting house stands, 12 poles East of the South West corner; thence West 12 poles to a large poplar, the South West corner of the same, thince north with the West boundary 59 poles to two bushes, the North West corner of the same thence West ?3 to a bush the North East corner of a tract of 60 acres of said McDonald, thince South 174 poles to a large bush at the side of a road, thince East Q5 poles to Elm and bush, thince North to the beginning bounded on part of grant N.5006 - To have and to hold to the only we and behoof of him the said McDonald and the said Olivers as executors above mentioned do covenant and give to and with the said McDonald his heirs and assigns that the before recited land they will warrant and forever defend against all previous claiming under said estate themselves, heirs or assigns - but from no other claims or persons in witness of they.

Signed, Sealed and delivered in presense of

Annanias Oliver (Seal)

Wm H. Oliver (Seal)

L.B. McDonald

Elihu? McDonald

Levi McDonald

State of Tennessee, Giles County

Personally appeared before me Edward D. Jones, Clerk of the County Court of Giles County, Elihu? McDonald and Levi McDonald, subscribing witnesses to the written named deed, who being first sworn before and say that they are acquainted with Annanias Oliver and William H. Oliver the Bargainors and that they acknowledged the same in their presence to be their act and deed upon the day it has date - Witness my hand at office this 15th day of March AD 1839.

E.D. Jones, Clerk

Submitted by Judy Strickland