Deed Transfer
Rosenborough to Glasgo

Rosenborough to Glasgo
Deed, 1848

Giles County, Tennessee
John & Sarah Roseborough & W B Smith to John Glasgo [Glasgow]
Deed for 69 Acres of Land
In the Tenth District
Registered January 27th 1851

Jno. L. Roseborough & Wife & Others {
To Deed {
Jno. Glasgo {

We John L. Roseborough & Sarah Roseborough & W. B. Smith have this day
bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to John Glasgo
and his heirs forever for the consideration of 150 dollars to us paid
a tract of land in the State of Tennessee, Giles County & District No.
10 containing by estimation Sixty nine acres be the sum more or less
and bounded as follows viz :  Beginning at a stake near a large poplar,
Running Thence west 92 poles to a Poplar Root. Thence north 170 poles
to two chestnuts A. Young's corner. Thence north 76    (degrees) to
East 80 poles to two elms in John Young's line on the East bank of the
branch. Thence South 1 (degree) East 88 poles to a beech marked T. G. &
S. G. Thence South 5 (degrees) East 102 poles to the Beginning (the
above calls on boundary contains 94 acres-25 acres of which is now held
by said Glasco by deed lying in the north East corner of the boundary
above designated. Therefore, we do not convey said 25 acres or defend
the title thereof.) To have and to hold the sum that is the said 69
acres to the said John Glasgo, his heirs and assigns forever. We do
covenant with the said Glasgo that we are lawfully seized of said land,
have a good Right to convey it and that the same  is unencumbered, we
do further covenant and bind ourselves, our heirs and representatives
to warrant and forever defend the title to said land and every part
thereof to the said Glasgo, his heirs and assigns forever against the
lawful claims of all persons whatever.

Done This Day 19th Jan 1848   John L. Roseborough {Seal}
Test : A. S. Young Sarah A. Roseborough {Seal}
  J. Young William B. Smith {Seal}
  Zechariah Smith E.D. Jones Clerk
Transcribed and submitted by: Craig Glasgow