Deed from David Goodnight
to L. R. Shands
Bond Deed, 1850

Giles County, Tennessee
David Goodnight to L. R. Shands
Bond Deed for 164 Acres of Land
In the Eighteenth District
Registered November 5th 1850

Transcribed by Craig Glasgow

David Goodnight {  
To { Land Deed
L. R. Shands {  

State of Tennessee, Giles County - We David Goodnight & L.R. Shands have this day
made the foolowing contract.  The said David Goodnight has sold his tract of land
in said County District No.18 containing by Estimation - one hundred and sixty
four acres more or less to the said L.R. Shands for the sum of one hundred and
sixty dollar for which he has Executed his notes to the said Goodnight as follows,
one note due in trust for eighty dollars. One due for money on the 25th December
19850 for forty dollars. One due December 25, 1851  for seventy dollars. One for
twenty dollars on the 1st of January 1852. Now the Said Goodnight binds himself to
convey to the said Shanks a general warranty deed and title in fee simple to said
land where the said Shanks shall make the last payment, for the faithful
performance of which I bind myself, my heirs and assigns forever.
Given under my hand  & Seal the 21st Sept. 1850
David Goodnight  { Seal }
Test :               H. D. Hart              David R. Tucker
State of Tennessee, Giles County
Personally appeared before me, Edward D. Jones, Clerk of the County Court of Giles
County, the within named  David Goodnight with whom I am personally acquainted and
whom acknowledged that he Executed the within Bond for the purposes therein
Witness my hand at office this 31th day of October AD 1850
{ No. 44 Oct.    Received  4 oclock   Oct 31st 1850 }
E D Jones, Clerk

Submitted by: Craig Glasgow