Deeds of Transfer
Stewart and Brandon Family Records

Abstracts of Deed Books 20-24 of Rowan Co NC, 1807-1818

Deed book 22, page 371.  
13 Aug 1811. Col. John Brandon to his sons; Richard Brandon,
Alexander W. Brandon, and John J. Brandon for $1000.00,    1000A on both
sides of Weakley's Crk on Richland Crk of Elk River in Giles Co, TN. It was
part of a 2000 A State NC grant # 57 to Robert Weakley on 10 July, 1788 and
he conveyed it to this Grantee [12:455]. Wit; Jas Locke, R. Locke. On 15 Aug
1811, John Giles certified that Robert Locke and James Locke proved this

Deed Book 24, page 3. 1 Nov. 1816. John S. Brandon of  Giles Co TN to Philip
Cruize for $225,  205 A on Crane, Grants, and Cold Water Crks and on both
sides of the Great Road from Salisbury to Charlotte,  adj.: Matthew Brandon,
Michael Albright, John Brandon, John Liteker, and Richard Trotter. 50 A of
this land was part of a 250 A State grant to John Graham Sr. [19:889]; and
part of this land was a 350 A State grant to Paul Barringer, dec'd, on 20 Dec
1791 [12:666] and his Exrs sold it to John Brandon Sr. who conveyed it to
this Grantor [22:086]. Wit; Alex. Locke, Richard Brandon. Prvd by Locke at
Feb Ct 1817.

Deed Book 22, Page 555
3 June 1812, John Stewart, Thomas Stewart, and Lazarus Stewart of
Giles Co TN to Nicholas Fillhoward [Fillhouser?] for $125.00 [area
not given] on N side of Withrow's Creek adj. lot #1, John Cowan, and
Fillhoward. It was 1/5 of 72 acres formerly the property of David
Stewart,dec'd, and was Lot # 2 allotted under Court order by the County
Surveyor to Lazarus Stewart. Wit: John Frazer, David S. McCravey. Prvd
by McCravey at Aug. Court, 1812.

[Witherow Creek was located almost at the western bottom of NC adjoining 
Iredell Co., NC.]

Same book below;
DB 22, page 567
10 Aug 1812. David/Daniel S. McCravey of Jackson Co GA to Nicholas
Fillhoward for $35.00, 20 acres on N side of Witherow's Cr, adj. lot # 2,
lot # 4 and John Cowan and Fillhoward. It was 1/4 of 80 acres in lot #3
formerly belonging to David Stewart,  and laid off by the County Surveyor to
Polly McCravey. Wit; Thos. Matthews, [German] name. Ack at Aug Ct 1812

DB 22 page 586
7 June 1812
John Stewart of Gill[Giles?] Co TN to Nicholas Fillhoward for $35.00 [area
not given] on N side of Witherow's Cr. etc. Latty Stewart signified that she
freely released all her interest in the land.

DB 21, p 39
28 Feb 1807. George Marshall to John Rutledge for L47 hard money, 63 acres
on Meadow Branch adj Margaret McNely [sic]. Adam McNeley, and this Grantor.
It was part of two original surveys conveyed from James Stewart and wife to
Adam McNeley, dec'd, on 27 Aug 1764 who devised it to Thomas McNeley and he
conveyed it to this Grantor. Wit: William Wray, Richard Graham, William
Snoddy, Adam McNeely. David Crawford proved the handwriting of this Grantor
and the handwriting and death of William Wray at Aug. Ct 1807.

DB 20 page 534
24 Dec 1801. William [X] White [my elusive ancestor who died 1833 in
Lincoln Co., TN] to John Zimmerman for $500.00, 96 acres and 4 chains on
Reedy Creek adj. Daniel Stewart. Wit; Daniel Leatherman [who is on 1820
Lincoln Co., TN census same as my William White] at May Ct. 1816.

DB 20 page 462
12 Nov 1808. Joseph Gheen and wife Mary to John Fulton for $30.00, lots #42
and #44 in the West Square of Salisbury. Lot #42 was conveyed from Hugh
Jenkins to his granddaughter, Mary Stewart, the dau. of his daughter,
Elizabeth Stewart; and lot #44 was devised by Hugh Jenkins to Mary Stewart,
who is now the wife of Joseph Gheen. wit; Moses Linster, John Giles. Prvd by
Giles at Aug Ct 1815.

DB 21, page 837
29 Oct 1808. John Crook Sr. to Richard Cox for L200, 400 acres on Lick Creek
adj Hardy Davis and Noblett. Wit; John Marshall Sr., Henry Stewart, John
Ball. Prvd by Stewart at Aug Ct 1810.

DB 24, page 184. 1 Aug 1812. John Brandon to George Smith for $750.00 for
153 acres on Grants Crk. and both sides of Back Crk, adj. William Stewart,
Fergus Graham, Andrew Allison, David Stewart, James Stewart, Robert Stewart,
and Michael. It was the land alloted to William Stewart Jr. from the estate
of William Stewart, dec'd, also 27 acres conveyed by Robert Stewart to this
Grantor; and 6 acres and 74 poles deeded by John Cope to this Grantor. Wit;
Robert Locke. Prvd by Rob Lock at May Ct 1817.

DB 22, page 387. 21 March, 1811. Stephen Stewart to Aaron Kimbrough for
$300.00, 25 acres on Rich fork of Abbott's Crk, adj Daniel Murphey, the
Guilford [sic] Road, Bodenhamer and Ferguson. Wit: Britain Haymoore,
Daniel[+] Murphey. Ack at Feb Ct 1812.

DB 22, p 650. 2 Mar 1812. Nathan Riley to William Cox for 20 shillings, 20
acres on Tom's Crk adj Thomas Carson, John Creek, Ann Riley. Wit; Henry
Stewart, Samuel Stewart. Ack at Feb Ct 1813.

DB 21 page 680. 3 Nov 1809. Susanna [X] Smith of Mecklenburg Co NC to
William Stewart of the same County [?] for $250.00, 100 acres on the N side
of Yadkin R., adj. Benjamin Sherwood and Nathan Smith. It was a grant to
Leander Smith and from him to this Grantor as Lot #1. Wit: John W. Morrow,
William Busly. Ack at Feb Ct 1810.

DB 23, page 212. 18 May 1814. Bill of Sale Robert Gillespie to his nephew,
William K. Stewart, for 50 shillings and love and effection, a Negro boy
named Stephen about 2 1/2 years old. Stephen was the son of Phoebe, who was
owned by this Grantor. Robert Gillespie's father had requested that Stephen
be conveyed to Mary Gillespie. Stephen was also mentioned in a bond given by
this grantor to Thomas Gillespie on 26 Dec 1796. This grantee was the
husband of sd Robert's niece Mary Stewart, formerly Mary Gillespie. Wit:
Francis Locke, A.R. Ruffing. Prvd by Locke at Aug Ct 1814.

Submitted by: Virginia (Ginny) Keefer