Deed of Transfer
Thornton to Magnusson

Giles Co. TN Deed Bk 65, page 566

Registered November the 19th 1908

E. R. Thornton et al.
Deed to
J. H. Magnusson

Know all men by these presents, that for the consideration of $3425.00; $489.28 cash in hand paid to Mrs. E. R. Thornton, $489.28 cash in hand paid to Mrs. J. A. Smith, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by them, and his 4 promissory notes of $489.28 each, due Nov. 15, 1908, and payable to the order of M. E. Thornton, E. R. Thornton, J. M. Thornton, and B. F. Thornton, and two notes due and payable Nov 15, 1908, each for $244.64 to the order of John R. Lewter, J. J. Hargrove and Mattie Hargrove, each note representing their respective share:

NOW THEREFORE, We, E. R. Thornton, M. E. Thornton, and wife N. E. Thornton; W. R. Thornton and wife H. O. Thornton; J. J. Hargrove and wife, Mattie Hargrove, J. M. Thornton and wife, L. P. Thornton; B. F. Thornton and wife, M. E. Thornton; J. A. Smith and wife, E. R. Smith, and Jno R. Lewter, have this day bargained, sold, and do hereby transfer and convey to J. H. Magnusson, his heirs and assigns forever, subject alone to the payment of the above notes, all of our right, title, and interest in and to a certain tract of land, situate and lying in the 1st Civil District of Giles Co. Tenn., and bounded as follows:

Beginning at a stake with oak pointers in Coopers, now David Faulkner's west boundary, S. E. corner of Lot No. 1; then with said line S. 1 1/2 degree east 22 ch. 50 lks. to a stake, with hickory pointer, the N. E. corner of lot No. 3; then 88 1/2 W., passing N. W. corner of tract No. 3 at 38 ch. 25 lks. in all 63 chs. 75 lks. to a stake; then N. 1 1/2 degree with Arnett 22 ch. & 50 lks to a poplar in south boundary line of Elkmont Springs tract; thence S. 88 1/2 degrees East passing the S. W. corner of lot No. 1 at 13 chs. 12 1/2 lks, in all 63 chs. 75 links, to the beginning, containing 143.4 acres, per survey of W. S. Newbill.

This land is lot No. 2 in the subdivision of the H. M. Stanley lands, sold by decree of the Chancery Court of Giles Co. Tenn.

All rights of homestead and dower is hereby and expressly waived by us; we warrant and bind ourselves to defend the title to land, against the lawful claims of all persons, claiming through us. Witness - this Mch. 9, 1908.

A right of way to and from a graveyard is hereby reserved. Said grave yard is on said land therein conveyed. This March 9, 1908.

Signed. E. R. (X her mark)Thornton
M. E. (X his mark) Thornton

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald