Judgment Against E. D. Whitt

8 May 1882
Giles County, TN.
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H. Arrowsmith, Sheriff
John F. Whitt

Registered 22 May 1882

Whereas W. J. Kercheval recovered a Judgment against E. D. Whitt before G. B. Reasins a Justice of the Peace of Giles County State of Tennessee on the 30 day of December 1874, for $423.55 cents and cost of suit $2.15 upon which Judgment an execution was issued by said Justice on the 19 day of February 1875, and was placed in the hands of S. C. Grubbs a constable of said County who on the 10 day of Feby 1875 levied said execution upon a tract of land containing 104 acres lying in the 1st District of said County which execution together with all the papers in said case was returned to the March 1875 of the Circuit Court of said County, and on the 24 day of March 1875 Judgment of Condemnation was had in said Court on said land, and on the 20 day of May 1875 a writ of Vendi Exponas was issued by the Clerk of said Circuit Court upon said Judgment of Condemnation which came to the hands of R. A. Mitchell then Sheriff of Giles County, who under the Statue proceeded to lay off to said E. D. Whitt a homestead in said land and the Commissioners appointed for that purpose allotted to said Whitt all of said 104 acres of land, and said Vendi Exponas was returned not satisfied, whereas on the 25 day of Jany 1882, a Pleuries fifa was issued by the Clerk of said Circuit Court which came to the hands of Henry Arrowsmith Sheriff of said County of Giles, who on the 1 day of March 1882, levied said execution there being no personal property belonging to said E. D. Whitt to be found in his County, upon the remainder interest of E. D. Whitt subject to his homestead in a tract of land in District No. one of Giles County, Tenn and abounded as follows: On the north by T. T. Eddins, on the South by George Merrell; on the East by L. J. Bledsoe; on the west by W. J. Smith containing 104 acres it being the same land upon which the said E. D. Whitt then resided, said remainder interest being levied upon to satisfied (sic) said Pleuries execution and after advertising said land for sale and given written notice as required by law, sold said remainder interest in said 104 acres of land so set a part to said E. D. Whitt as a homestead at public sale at the Court House of said County in the Town of Pulaski, to the highest bidder for case on the 25 day of March 1882 agreeable to said advertisement and notice, when John F. Whitt became the purchaser at his bid of Fifty dollars. Said bid being the highest and best bid that was offered or could be obtained, the same being paid to me in cash. Therefore in consequence (sic) of the premises, I hereby transfer and convey the remainder interest of E. D. Whitt in said tract of land aforesaid to John F. Whitt and his heirs and assigns forever all the right title and interest of said E. D. Whitt in remainder to said land in Homestead containing 104 acres for the said consideration of Fifty Dollars to me in hand paid.

To have and to hold the same to the said John F. Whitt his heirs and assigns forever in as full and ample a manner as I as sheriff can or ought to convey, but no further or otherwise.

Witness my hand and seal This 8 day of May 1882,
signed H. Arrowsmith Sheriff (Seal)

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald

Deed to Whitt

Feb 1866

Whereas by descent or will from David WHITT we Ephriam D. Whitt, Isaac Whitt, David C. Whitt, Andrew J. Whitt, have derived title to an now hold equal and undivided interest in a tract of land in the State of Tennessee Giles County and District No. 1. (This is the same 104 acres that their father David Whitt had bought in 1835). The deed is made to E. D. Whitt from Isaac, D.C. and A. J. Whitt. This Deed is Test. by G. W. Merrell, and Nelson Smith., and signed by Isaac Whitt, A. J.(X his mark) Whitt and David C. (X his mark) Whitt

Submitted by: Imogean M. McDonald