Deed Transfer
Myra Williams to Robert Williams

Deed of Myra Williams to Robert Williams,
Giles County Tennessee: Registered 18 Sept. 1839,
Book O, Page 177, 100 Acres.

Whereas by descent from WILLIAM WILLIAMS, late of Giles County,
deceased, ROBERT WILLIAMS of said county and myself have divided
title to, and now hold equal and undivided interest in, a tract of
land in the State of Tennessee in said county on the waters of
Buchannan's Creek and bounded as follows viz: ... containing one
hundred acres-the same having been granted by the State of Tennessee
to the heirs of said WILLIAMS (of whom I am one) by grant No. 7716.
Now I have bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey all
my rights, title, and interest in and to said land to ROBERT
WILLIAMS and his heirs for the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid
and for other valuable considerations and viz services done me by
the said ROBERT and expenses incurred by him on my account.  To have
and to hold the same to the said ROBERT WILLIAMS, his heirs and
assigns forever. And I covenant and agree, this 13th day of Sept.
signed MYRA WILLIAMS(her mark).

Entry Book B, p.123, #152, Surveyed 28 April, 1826, ROBERT WILLIAMS: By virtue of entry No. 260 for 100 acres made in the entry taker's office of Giles Co., on the 19th day of September, I have surveyed for ROBERT WILLIAMS, 100 acres of land, in Giles Co., on the headwaters of Buchannan Creek: beginning at a dogwood, the southeast corner of a tract of 100 acres in the name of the heirs of WILLIAM WILLIAMS, and the tract on which ISAAC WILLIAMS now lives, running south 1 and one-half poles to a hickory in the north boundary of a tract of 300 acres in the name of JOSHUA HADLEY; thence east with same 86 poles to two hickories' thence north with JAMES DUGGER'S west boundary and passing his northwest corner at 66 poles, in all, 186 poles to a black oak and hickory in JOHN MCKNIGHT'S and JOHN ABERNATHY'S south boundary. Wit: WILLIAM GRUBBS, ROBERT WILLIAMS, Signed: JOHN G. MCDONALD, Locator: ISAAC WILLIAMS

Submitted by: Joe Max Williams