The Chancery Court

The Chancery Court of Giles County was held for the first time in April 1832, with M. A. Cook as chancellor and Charles C. Abernathy, clerk and master. The members of the Pulaski bar have been as follows, the time in which they practiced being in the order given: John Minns, W. H. Field, William C. Flourna, John H. Rivers, Colin S. Tarpley, Aaron V. Brown, James W. Coombs, V. E. J. Shields, Adam Huntsman, Neil S. Brown, Thomas Jones, Robert Rose, Alfred Harris, Lunsford M. Bramlett, Archibald Wright, A. F. Gough, James Davenport, Davidson Netherland, Thomas M. Jones, Calvin Jones, John C. Brown, John C. Walker and Nathan Adams. The present bar is composed of Thomas M. Jones, John S. Wilkes, Solan E. Rose, John A. Tinnon, E. T. Taliaferro, John T. Allen, Noble Smithson, Z. W. Ewing, Charles P. Jones, Andrew J. Abernathy, J. Polk Abernathy, Amos R. Abernathy, Hume Steele, Flourna Rivers and John C. Brown.