The Florida War in 1836

Giles County's contribution to the Florida war in 1836 consisted of two full companies, which were raised in June 1836, and on July 4 following, were mustered into the First Tennessee Regiment of Mounted Volunteers, at Fayettville, Lincoln County. The companies were designated in the regiment as First and Sixth. Company First was commanded by Capt. Thomas M. Jones, now Judge Jones, of the Pulaski bar, and Quincy Black and Robert L. Dixon were the lieutenants. Company Sixth was under command of Capt. James Gibson, with Joshua and John Morris, brothers, as lieutenants. Among the members of the above companies, whose names are obtainable, were Archibald Wright, Nell S. Brown, Sol. E. Rose, Jesse Mays, J. N. Patteson, Joseph E. Anthony, George B. Allen, Robert H. Rose, J. Carroll Smith, Samuel D. Wright, Homer Jones, Charles G. Keenan, Milton Payne, Wm. Baugh, Daniel Brinkle, Henry E. Pitts, Henry C. Lester, Jesse D. Page and Warren P. Anderson.