The War with Mexico in 1846

As in the Florida war Giles County furnished two full companies to the war with Mexico in 1846.The first company organized left Pulaski in June 1846, under command of Capt. Milton A. Haynes and Lieuts. W. P. Chambliss, William Richardson and ____ Brownlow. They volunteered for twelve months, and were mustered into the First Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, under command of Gen. Jonas E. Thomas, of Maury County. Among the members of this company were William Evans, Ira Martin, E. G. B. Lee, Samuel Farmer, Sterling Farmer, David Hammond, James T. Wheeler, Samuel C. John son, Alexander Black, Samuel S. Williamson, David H. Hannah and Nathan Adams. At the expiration of the twelve months' service for which the company enlisted the survivors returned home, and when the second call for volunteers was made Lieut. W. P. Chambliss raised a second company, of which he was elected captain, and A. M. Flemming, first lieutenant; Thomas Gordon, second lieutenant; J. L. Jones (at present Chairman of the Giles County Court), brevet second lieutenant; Patrick Chambliss, orderly sergeant; William D. Everly, second orderly sergeant; William Fallis, third orderly sergeant, and Milton Rason, fourth orderly sergeant; The company left Giles County for Nashville in October 1847, where it was mustered into the Third Tennessee Regiment of Foot Volunteers, Gen. Cheatham commanding, as Company C. Among the members of Company C were James Adams, Abe Cable, ____ Davis, W. R. Edwards, Samuel Elliff, Joseph Elliff, J. A. Foster, Hardaway Tucker, Calaway Tucker, George Chesser, Samuel Farmer, ____ Wilson, ____ Walker, A. A. Walker, J. N. M. Farmer, Edward Rasen, Michael Fry, Samuel Edmonson, ____ Spirey and John Carr.