Court and County Officers

The following is a list of the court and county officers in the order in which they served: Judges- Thomas H. Stewart, Alford S. Harris, Robert M. Mack, William E. Kennedy, Lunsford M. Bramlett, Edmund Dillahunty, W. P. Martin, Henry Ward, A. M. Hughes, W. P. Martin, William L. McLemore and Edward D. Patterson. Attorney-generals-Alford Balch, Robert L. Cobb, Gideon J. Pillow, Edmund Dillahunty, James H. Thomas, Nathaniel Baxter, Archilaus M. Hughes, Nathan Adams, Archilaus M. Hughes, Austin C. Hickey, James Smithson, Joseph H. Fussell and John L. Jones. Chancellors- M. A. Cook, Lumsford M. Bramlett, Terre H. Cabal, A. 0. P. Nicholson, Samuel D. Frierson, John A. Brien, Samuel D. Frierson, John C. Walker, David Campbell, Horace H. Harrison, William S. Flemming and Andrew J. Abernathy. Clerk and masters- Charles C. Abernathy, Daniel L. Morrison, James McCallum, W. H. McCallum, A. Cox, J. B. Stacy. Chairmen of county court since 1865- Daniel G. Anderson, J. F. Smith, W. H. Abernathy J. L. Jones. County trustees since 1868- Thomas S. Riddle, Sterling H. Brown, Daniel B. Garrett, W. G. Lewis, R. M. Bugg, H, C. McLaurine, H. L. Booth and W. R. Craig. County court clerks since 1810- German Lester, Edward D. Jones, J. L. Jones, A. R. Richardson, E. W. Rose, D. A. Wilburn, H. H. Aymett, P. H. Ezell, Will S. Ezell. Circuit court clerks since 1810- James Berry, Henry Hagan, Sterling Lester, Charles C. Abernathy, C. H. Abernathy, W. Williford, F. T. McLaurine, H. M. Stanley, J. H, Morris, J. W. Braden. Sheriffs since 1810- Charles Neeley, James Buford, Max H. Buchanan, James Perry, Lewis H. Brown, Thomas C. Porter, Thomas S. Webb, John A. Jackson, Asa Ezell, James D. Goodman, Joshua Morris, John Kouns, Berry H. Piden, John W. West, D. H. Parsons, R. H. Mitchell, R. A. Blow, H. Arrowsmith, John D. Butler and J. Polk English. Registers since 1810- Jesse Westmoreland, Fountain Lester, David McCormack, P. T. T. McCauless, Andrew Fay, Daniel G. Anderson, John Dyer, J. J. Phillips and J. F. Fogg