The Revolutionary and War of 1812

Quite a number of the Giles County pioneers served in the Revolutionary war, and for their services as soldiers of the line received grants from the State of North Carolina for the lands in this county, upon which they afterward settled. But of them there is no record accessible, and their names have long since passed from the memory of the citizens of the present, if memory of them they ever had. While no companies went from Giles County into the war of 1812 a large number of her citizens joined companies that went out from neighboring counties, among whom were Lester Morris, George Everly, Charles Buford, James Patteson, Sol. E. R. Rose, Wm.Kirley, Maj. Hurlston, Wm. McDonald, Wm. Kyle, Col. Cleveland, John Clark, Nelson Patteson, John Phillips, Thomas Smith, Dr. Gilbert, D. Taylor, Charles C. Abernathy, Wm.K. Gordon, and many others whose names could not be secured. Dr. Taylor served on Gen. Jackson's medical staff.