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July 2014

Colonel John Goff Ballentine(Cover Story)
President's Page
Second Street Church of Christ
Pulaski Druggists
     Bownlow & Cardin & Gpson& Bryant
Ballentine and Related Families
     Andrew Mitchell Ballentine
     Colonel John Goff Ballentine and Mary Elizabeth Laird
     George Washington Ballentine
     Margaret Ballentine
     William F. Ballentine
     Andrew J. Ballentine
     James H. Ballentine
     Mary Adelaide and Virginia Orlean Ballentine
     Other Ballentine Photos


July 2013

Colonel Joseph Brown, 1772 - 1868 (Cover Story)
President's Page
Donations to the Historical Society and Museum
Memorials - Margaret Faye Barnes Henson, Organizing Regent of
     The William Branch Giles Chapter of the NSDAR
Capital Campaign for the Giles County Public Library/Museum
Pulaski Druggists - Dr. John William Batte
Colonel Joseph Brown
     Early Life
     Life After Captivity
     Col. Brown's Ministry
     Col. Brown Comes to Giles County
     The Death of Col. Brown
Sketch of the Captivity of Colonel Joseph Brown,
     of Maury County, Tennessee, by the Indians, The Narrative Part 2
Buchheit Bottling Works
The Pulaski Ice & Storage Company
Pulaski Bottling Works
Chero-Cola Bottling Works
Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Pulaski
Nehi to Sundrop Bottling Company
Red Rock Bottling Company
Antique Building - The Carter House
The Cornersville Club
Directory of the City of Pulaski as of November 1, 1933


April 2013

New Providence Church of Christ (Cover Story)
New Members
Obituary of Dr. Gilbert Taylor
Pulaski Druggists - Corner Drug Store
106 Years Old - Samuel Maxwell
Obituary of Fanny Pinkleton
Sketch of the Captivity of Colonel Joseph Brown,
     of Maury County, Tennessee, by the Indians
Chattanoogan Recalls Hanging of Sam Davis 80 Years Ago
Elkton Grays
Obituary of Lee H. Clark
Judge John Wilkes
A Letter to the Editor by Noble Smithson
Unknown Confederate Veterans Photo
Obituary of Mr. and Mrs. Bridgeforth
Obituary from the Gordon Day Book,
     Mrs. Eliza Brantly
Giles County Historical Society, Bob Wamble, Speaker


January 2013

Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church (Cover Story)
New Members
Obituary of Thomas A. Fogg
Pulaski Landmark Gone
Pulaski Druggist - Hagan Brothers
Dr. R. F. Boyd Dies Suddenly
95 Years Old - Mrs. Harriet Tyler
Count Pulaski
Giles Slogan
Phillips and Wales Family of Giles County, TN
Obituary of Thomas J. Wells
Lynnville: What My Community Has Contributed to my County
Lost Landmarks - 1960
January 27, 2013 Meeting - Speaker: Danny Nichols


October 2012

Indian Creek Hard-shell Baptist Church(Cover Story)
     In Memory of Anna Jackson Williams
New Members
Pulaski Druggists
     Dr. Edward Rex Feild
     Dr. C. G. Keenan
     Dr. J. S. Moore
     Dr. Jacob P. Epperson
     Mr. William T. Plummer
     Mr. R. W. Whittington
     Dr. John William Batte
     Mr. Augustine Alfed Batte
     Dr. W. B. Barfield
     Mr. Hume R. Feild
     Mr. G. P. Dobson
     Mr. Zachariah Parker
     Dr. Joel A. Heald
     Dr. Elihu Edmondson
     Mr. Robert M. Scoggin
The Little War Story
John Joseph Long
The Presidential Election of 1892
Jarrett Phillips
Railroad in Giles County Tennessee
Pulaski Creamery
Collector's Corner


July 2012

Charter Member of GCHS Dies - Mrs. Kathryn Malone Paulk
Why He Didn't - George Washington
Odd Fellows Hall Church of Christ(Cover Story)
Searching for James Wesley Woodard (15 Jan 1874 - 12 Dec 1930)
General Andrew Jackson Visit to Pulaski
Life and Times of Alfred Flournoy
Pulaski Druggists
     Dr. James A. Sumpter
     Mr. J. L. Pearcy
     Mr. Ed R. Sumpter
     Mr. Thomas H. Gilbert
     Mr. E. B. Craig
     Mr. Cornelius Abernathy Craig
     and Others
Col. Alfred Harris Abernathy Letter from A Union Prison
Unionism in Tennessee
The Cigar Factory
Memorial of Z. W. Ewing
Recipes and Cures from the Gordon Daybook
     Cure for Rheumatism
     Chow Chow
     Gold Cake


April 2012

First Presbyterian Church, Pulaski (Cover Story)
Abernathy Spinning Wheel
Notes from our Mmbers
Wilkinson Martin Simms House
Pulaski Druggists
The Feild Family
     Marietta Perkins Jones
     Charlesanna Perkins Carter
     Dr. Constantine Perkins
     Eliza Mildred Feild Batte
     Col. Hume Rigg Feild, CSA
Country Homes in Giles County (Continued)
     West View
     Rose Hill Farm
     Cook's Spring
     Half Way
     Buena Vista
     Valley Home
     Maple Grove
     Vine Cottage
     South Stella Valley Farm
     Center View
     Sunny Side Farm
Half Way House Burned
First Airplane Landing


January 2012

Lynnville Primitive Baptist Church (Cover Story)
Notes from our Members
Tidbits of News From the Past
Follow-up to the Annie Nave Story
Political Ad by J. J. Phillips
Other Phillips Articles:      At Rest, Obituary of Mrs. Sarah Ann Phillips
     Jordan Phillips Eulogy
     Our Father is Dead, Obituary of Alfred Phillips
An Interesting Death Reported - Old Charley is Dead
Country Homes in Giles County
     Cedar Spring
     Cave Hollow Stock Farm
     Clifton Place
     Sunny Knoll
     Beech Villa Farm
     Crescent View
     Chestnut Hall
     Vine Bower
     Sunny Brook
     Arlington Farm
     Flower View
     Pilgrim's Rest
     Hickory Grove
     City View Farm
     Rankin's Rocks
     Maple Hill
     Pleasant View
     Spout Spring Farm
     Meadow Brook
     Sunny Slope
     The Beeches
     Emerald Meade
     Hickory Spring Farm
     Blue Grass Stock Farm
     Silver Creek Hay and Durock Farm
     Cedar Dale
     Meadow Valley
     Locust Hill
     The Klondike
Migrations to and From Giles County
Reunions from the Past
     Mitchell-September 1, 1921
     Prier - July 22, 1925
     Barlar - October 15, 1947
     Ballentine - July 13, 1871
Deaths from the Past
     Ike McCallum
     Elizabeth Gunter
Community News From the Past - Trigg's Store


October 2011

Diana Church of Christ (Cover Story)
Tidbits of News From the Past
Update on John Larkin Higdon Heirs
The Olden Days, A Story About Annie Nave
More About Annie Nave
Doctors of Giles County - Dr. Robert Nathaniel Herbert
Giles Countians in the Seminole Wars
Migrations To and From Giles County
Watson's Mill
Deaths From the Past
     O. E. Austin
     Willis Bramlett
     Lee Smith
     B. R. Lane
School News From the Past
     Mud Bottom School
     Brick Church School
Reunions From the Past
     Petty Family - 1938
     Collins Family - 1933
Caves in Giles County
A Big Cave Discovered
$15.00 Dues Payable On or Before January 1, 2012!


July 2011

Shores Baptist Church (Cover Story)
Tidbits of News From the Past
Historic Bethany
     Early Days in Giles County
     A History of the Bryson community
     Bethany Presbyterian Church
Letters from the Past
Historic Markers
An Early History of Campbellsville
Union Hill School
Deaths from the Past
     Ned Mitchell
     Mandy McColloch
Family Reunions from the Past - Ball Family, 1926
An Early Reminder to Pay Your Dues!

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