North Carolina Land Grants
in Tennessee 1778-1791


When North Carolina gave up her claim to Tennessee the Secretary of State of the United States requested a list of the lands that had been granted in that territory so the rights of ownership could be protected. Microfilm # 68, Roll # 1 is a microfilm copy of this report as it was reported to the President by Thomas Jefferson. ( the original report from North Carolina has not been found). There is also a note that 2,275 more warrants had been issued to officers and soldiers of the Continental Line for which grants had not yet been made.

From Goodspeed's History of Tennessee- 1887- the following information was given on the grants. A soldier received 640 acres; non Commissioned Officer 1,000 acres; Subaltern 2,560; Captain 3,840, Major 4,800; Lt. Col. 5,760; Lt. Col. Commandant 7,200; Col. 7,200; Brig. Gen. 12,000; Chaplain 6,200; Surgeon 4,800; Surgeon's Mate 2,560. Heirs of any soldier who had fallen in the defense of his country received the full amount of his grant.

Any family that had previously moved into the area reserved for grants was given a grant of 640 acres. Nothing indicated that residence was required to receive a grant, therefore, it is probable grants were given to many people who never were residents of Tennessee. There were also many people who lived in Tennessee but received the title to their property in some other manner and do not appear on this list, purchase or other land acts.

Location in the county is very vague, such as on the bank of Lick Creek.

Many of the original grants were lost but if you wish a copy try at:

Land Office
Secretary of State
Administration Building
Raleigh, NC 27603.
Many of the land grants have been transcribed and indexed by the Alvaretta Kenan Register in the book State Censuses of North Carolina, 1784-1787, published by Genealogical Publishing Company, 1973.

Local library reference librarians may be able to order an inter-library loan of this book to make copies from or order a copy from:

North Carolina Archives
109 East Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27611
and pay the fee.( The order number would be the number in front of the name the researcher is interested in with the County and year in Tennessee listed in their order.)

If you wish to order a copy of the grant and you recognize your ancestor BUT the spelling is incorrect, to please use the incorrect spelling just as you found it or you will be told there is no record available. I have copied these records exactly as they appear in the land grant records.


Submitted by: Virginia L. Keefer