The following was transcribed from a clipping found in an early edition of the Pulaski Citizen. The "Mr. McCord" was
the paper's editor.

Marbut Migration

The Pulaski Citizen
May 5, 1875

     Mr. McCord: --My name is Adelaide K. Inman, wife of the well-known Wm. Inman, formerly of Giles. As we have been patrons of your paper for a long time, I ask you to publish this, suggested to me by the late Gordon reunion, published recently in the CITIZEN. I have an uncle in South-west Missouri by the name of Phillip Marbut, who was born in South Carolina, May 8th, 1807*. He moved to Giles county, Tenn., in 1830, and to Missouri in 1841. When he landed here he had an old wagon, four broken down horses and $2.50 in money. He says if he had been able to return he would never have unloaded his wagon. But now his children, six boys and six girls, are all comfortably provided with homes within ten miles of each other, and doing well. He is as lively as a colt, chews his own tobacco, and has greenbacks in his pocket. He has been a widower a good many years, but can boast of eighty-two grand childen and thirty-six great grand children.

A. K. Inman

McDowel, Barry Co., Mo.,
April 26th, 1875

*Researcher Note: Family records of Jim Thomas show the year as 1797.

Submitted by: Claudia Johnson
Former Pulaski Citizen Staffmember

George and Webb Families Migration

The families of David C. George and Thomas Larkin Webb left Giles County, Tennessee in the Fall of 1836 for Jackson County, Missouri. The journey took six weeks, they arrived in Jackson County October 8th, 1836. David C. George founded the early township of what is today - Oak Grove, Missouri in Eastern Jackson County. David first named this township Lickskillet as he had a "jocular" sense of humor. David's wife was Nancy Elizabeth Bass, daughter of Nathan Hale and Martha Beaty Bass - very early Giles pioneers. Thomas Larkin Webb was married to Margaret Coleman Glaze. Thomas is the son of Larkin Morris Webb. The allied family of Isham and Martha Still Brown soon followed to Oak Grove, Missouri - possibly in early 1838 as Isham died January 1st, 1838 in the Missouri river town of Arrow Rock, Missouri.

Submitted by: David Owings
Kansas City, Missouri