Early Weddings of Giles County

Hymenial Notes

The Pulaski Citizen
November 15, 1877

     Hymen has recently been called upon frequently to preside at nuptial 
     The friends of Willie Wheeler extend to him their hearty congratu-
lations since he has been so chivalaric in wooing and so successful in winning 
the beauideal of his affections, Miss Ada Reynolds.  While he is giving his 
youthful devotions to the young wife of his heart, we would join him in 
expressions of profoundest gratitude to God, who has dealt so kindly with 
him, blessed him so abundantly and crowned him so profusely with fortune's 
glittering coronals.  From a fond mother's heart, a sweet sister's spirit, 
a noble father's bosum, and from a score of kindred souls and friendly hearts
go up the warm, tender breathings that the richest and choicest benedictions
of Heaven rest upon "Willie" and his fair bride.  May their lives blended into
one be as cheerful and sunshiny as a beautiful May, and their final departure
as calm and peaceful as the twilight of a summer's evening their home having
been gladdened to the end by the purest, sweetest and the brightest streamlet
of conjugal felicity.
     On Thursday evening, on Nov. 1st, a brilliant reception was anticipated
at Col. Wheeler's, but the heavy rains interfered.  Invitations were sent out
again and the entertainment was repeated Friday evening.  Notwithstanding the
high waters, a large crowd of friends were in attendance at an early hour.
Everything was done to make the occasion enjoyable.  The company was highly
entertaining.  Mr. and Mrs. Rothrock, who but recently took upon themselves
the hymenial vows graced the festive scene with their presence; also Miss
Murdock of Montgomery, Ala., Miss Jennie Deavenport and---but, we cannot
enter into particulars; suffice it to say that "beauty and chivalry" had gathered
and there in "sweet assemblage" was "every blooming grace."  After a
consultation with our own feelings we venture to say that all were delighted
with the evening's entertainment, the supper, the company, the host and
hostess and especially with their daughter Miss V. who was the center of a
constant circle of admirers.
     It was to be regretted Geo. and Willie W. and their wives were not
present, as they had been suddenly called to the death-bed of their brother
Theo Reynolds. A strange mixture of joy and grief, marriages and funerals;
marriage bells and funeral knells; orange blossoms and black crape; bridal
robes and winding sheets; marriage ceremonies and funeral services; blissful
unions and sad separations.
     We join our friend Wm. Shores in expressions of joy that he has at last
been brought beneath Love's delightful influence and fascinating power.  Last
Sabbath two weeks the union most "devoutly wished for" was consummated when he
led Miss Jennie Harwell to the hymenial altar and took upon himself the
marriage vows.  Esq. R. D. Reed performed the ceremony.  Many anxious hearts,
filled with congratulatory expressions, kind wishes and sincere prayers follow
the wedded pair as they start hand in hand, heart in heart, side by side, to
meet the grave responsibilities of their new relations, and together to fight
the battles of life.  God grant them immortal success.  It is rumored that
others are soon to embark upon the matrimonial seas---for peaceful voyages or
unfortunate shipwrecks---for "weal or woe."  God bless them all!
     Bodenham, Nov. 13.       T.S.

Submitted By:
Claudia Johnson, Staff Writer, Pulaski Citizen

Wedding Notes

The Pulaski Citizen
December 17,1868

   At the residence of the bride's father, near Cornersville, on Thursday
evening, 17th inst., by Rev. Mr. Kimbro, Mr. Jesse Garrett, of Marshall
county, & Miss Mary, daughter of Nat Ferguson, Esq'r.
   This was one of those old fashioned weddings, such as old Virginians and
South Carolinians will remember to have enjoyed in their younger days, to
which the entire neighborhood was invited.  There were over three hundred
people present, all of whom were abundantly provided for, and enjoyed
themselves immensely. Among the vast number present were about twenty Ku 
Klux Ghosts, who, after having partaken of the hospitalities of our friend,
Ferguson, voted a package of cake & ... to his Honor, Judge Hughes, who was
holding Court here at the time, ---which was presented to him through our
friend, B. B. Marsh, Esq'r., accompanied with the compliments of the K. K's.
 The fair bride will accept our thanks for a similar package.

Submitted By:
Claudia Johnson, Staff Writer, Pulaski Citizen