Helen Anthony


Since the above was put in type Miss Helen Anthony, another member of this stricken family, has answered the final summons, dying on Tuesday after an illness of about a week of pneumonia, and shock caused by the death of her brother.

Miss Helen was a very lovable, accomplished young lady, attractive for her personal charms, maidenly modesty and gentleness, and it is oh! so hard to think of one such as she lying like a crushed lily in death's cold and loveless embrace.

Rev. Granville Allison spoke the sad and solemn funeral service at the Memorial Church of the Messiah yesterday morning at 10 o'clock and then sorrowing hands tenderly laid to rest in Maplewood the perished physical beauty of this fair young girl, whose seventeen summers had shed the radiance of their sunshine into the hearts and lives of many friends.

The Citizen extends heartfelt sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and the remaining members of the family, and trusts that the dark clouds of sorrow and adversity which have lowered on their house during the past two years may now be forever banished.

Deaths Within a Week.

If there ever was a family who drank the cup of sorrow to its bitter dregs that family is none other than our fellow citizen, Mr. Wm. W. Anthony.

Death, the grim destroyer of all that is dear to earthly humanity, not being contented with destroying the life of a noble son last Friday, like a thief under cover of darkness, he steals to the sick chamber of this same home on Tuesday morning and seals the earthly doom of a fair daughter and sister, and beautiful young lady.

To our minds we picture nothing near so sad as the bereavement which has fallen upon this family.

Only a few short days since and tke(sic) polished being of young Mark Anthony graced our streets as one of us, but today he is no more. It seems to us as that cordial and gentlemanly "howdy-do," and hearty handshake. He was sick but a short time with pneumonia, and not being of very strong constitution the fearful malady soon fastened its fangs into his system, and not withstanding he was nursed tenderly and carefully, he died.

It could be truly said that Mark was a good boy. In every sense does the word good apply to him. Good to those near and dear to him; good to his fellowman, and last but not least, he was good in morals. His funeral was conducted at the Episcopal Church Friday evening at had past three o'clock, and the interment took place in Maplewood.


When the sad news was whispered over town Tuesday morning that Miss Helen Anthony, a sister of Mark, had closed her eyes to open them no more on earth, the friends of the already grief-stricken family could not be made to realize that such was true. It was true nevertheless, for the same black monster with a whetted cycle cut the lovely flower in it budding stage. It was only a few days ago that we saw her (seemingly in perfect health) with the same bright face that only one of her sweet, sunshiny nature possessed. Little did we think that to-day she too, would be under the cold, cold clay.

There is but one thing to be said of Miss Helen, and when that is said, all is said. And that one thing is, she was pure; she was a christian. How beautiful do the words correspond with the like just ended. But with all that we are made to bow in submission to God's will.

The funeral service were held in the Episcopal Church Tuesday* morning at ten o'clock, by Rev. Granville Allison, the burial at Maplewood.

While your sorrow is almost more than you can bear, dear father, mother sister and brother, life up your eyes to your Heavenly Father, and hear the words: "I am the resurrection and the life; believe on me and receive a crown of righteousness.

*Handwritten over the word "Tuesday" is the word "Wednesday". I believe it was written by her sister, Margaret Anna Anthony (Mrs. Dorsey M. Kelley).


Miss Helen Anthony.

Special to the Banner.

Pulaski, January 16 -- Miss Helen Anthony, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Anthony, died at the residence of her parents in this city at 2 o'clock this morning of pneumonia, aged 17 years. She was one of the most lovable and accomplished young ladies in Pulaski and her untimely death has cast a gloom over this community. The funeral service will be conducted to-morrow by the Rev. Granville Allison at the Episcopal Church, of which she was a devoted member. Burial at Maplewood.

Funeral Notice


Entered Into the Rest Eternal,

On Tuesday, January 16, 1900, at 2 o’clock a. m., in the seventeenth year of her age,


Daughter of William W. and Emma C. Anthony. Burial services at the Memorial Church of the Messiah Wednesday, 10 o’clock a. mm. Interment at Maplewood.

"We, who marked her life, so pure, so brief, Now write its ending with our hope and grief."

"I am the Resurrection and the Life," saith the Lord.

Submitted by: Mary Kelley