Mollie M. Graves

Graves Family Newsletter by Kenneth V. Graves, Feb. 1992 issue.
Submitted to the newsletter by Mr. William J. Pohl of St. Louis, MO.

Mrs. W.J. Graves, mother of N. H. KELSO..died..of injuries sustained in a runaway four miles form her home in Racine, sixteen miles south of Joplin. She jumped from the buggy when the horses became frightened and ran away. Her head struck a stone with considerable force, resulting in concussion of the brain. Mrs. Graves drove to Joplin in company with her husband and sister, Mrs. Pierre Hall, also of Racine, and they attended the Ringling Brothers Circus' afternoon performance. Deceased was 57 years of age. Her foster daughter, Mrs. J.A. Graves lives in Blendville.

Also Mollie M. Graves, aged 64 years, 5 months and 27 days was born at Giles Co TN and died at Racine, MO., the result of an accident while driving from Joplin to her home, July 28, 1904. The horses became frightened and she jumped from the carriage, causing concussion of the brain.

Mrs. Graves was reared in TN, and at the age of 17 married Nicholas H.Kelso, a farmer, who lived only eight months after their marriage. She lived a widow ten years and then married W. J. Graves, in 1869, coming west immediately afterward and locating on a farm at Racine, MO in 1871, since which time has been her home.

She was a member of the Southern Methodist Church from her youth and lived faithfully to its vows, having many kind and loving friends. N.H. Kelso, of this city, was her only child and a most affectionate and loving son. But her home was a home and her heart a mother's to Mrs. J.A. Graves, of 2302 Empire Street and William Anderson, now in Idaho. Of late years one of the young sons of N.H. Kelso made his home with his grandparents for company of them.

Submitted by: Virginia L. Keefer.