Obituary of
Elijah William Holt

From The Pulaski Citizen, Thursday, June 5, 1884

Excerpts from a letter from Nash, Texas, dated May 25, 1884,to the editor:

Capt. E.W. Holt was born in Giles County, Tenn., about the year 1828. He was educated at the old Cumberland University, and chose teaching as his profession. About thirty years ago he married Miss Eliza Watson. Capt. Holt led a company through the civil war. since the war he had taught school in Giles and ajoining counties until three years ago when at the request of Giles countians who had emigrated to Texas, he went there to teach. On the 5th of the month he was stricken with typhoid fever, his wife who was in Tennessee was telegraphed for and he grew worse and died on May 20th. His last words were, "I know I am going to die, and am not afraid to die."

More about Capt. E.W. Holt by The Waxahachie, Texas, Mirror.

Capt. Holt died at the residence of Mr. T.B. Phelps, at Garden Valley, May 20th. Capt. Holt came to Ellis County about three years ago and contracted for the school at Garden Valley, for a term of ten years. His burial was in Gleenwood cemetery. He was born in Giles County, Tenn., 24 February 1828, and was in his 57th year. He brought with him to Texas a letter of recommendation signed by; Col. A.H. Abernathy, Judge J.L. Jones, Register Phillips, Sheriff Arrowsmith, Circuit Court Clerk Morris, J.B. Stacy, Clerk & Master; County Court Clerk Ezell; Prof. W.K. Jones; A.R. Richardson, and Superintendent Clack.

The above constitutes only a part of the article in the Texas newspaper.

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