Charles W. May

Charles W. May Dies

Charles W. May son of J. P. May and Suzanna Abernathy, grand son of the
late C. C. Abernathy, died Jan. 28, 1931, was born April 13th 1844. A
sister Mrs. Emma Westmoreland died in California years ago and a brother
Dr. J. Pink May also deceased. His father had several sons and daughters
by a second marriage Gil T. May, Boone, Allen, Marvin, Mrs. Sam Abernathy,
and Mrs. Bettie McKissack are living.

Was in the Confederate army the last years of the war and had a fine war
record. Married Miss Musadora Butler, when both were quite young and he
lived a quiet useful life at home most of the time on account of deafness.
It was a sore trial for him that he could not hear; but he always had a
sweet smile and warm welcome for all his friends.

He read the daily papers and was interested in politics and always voted
if able to go to the election ground. His wife preceded him to the grave
twenty-five years and a daughter, Miss Amanda kept the home for him and an
unmarried son as the mother had done.

Eight children were with him at the last and are heart-broken over their
loss. He joined Rehoboth Church years ago and enjoyed his religion,
shouting praises to God often when his heart was full to over flowing with
thankfulness for His love.

Rev. Douglas had funeral services at the home and burial was in Maplewood.

Submitted by: Mary Kelley