Margaret McKimmin


It is the source of deepest regret to learn of the death of Miss Margaret McKimmin. Gentle, kind, firm, intellectual and unassuming, she spent a large part of her lifetime as a ministering angel at the bedside of near relatives and many of her friends. She was a figure of Patience, sitting on a monument (erected to glorify Devotion) brightening the face of Grief with words of comfort or smiles like those of a Madonna. Herís(sic) was a life that should be emulated, for it was the interpretation of all that is required to make a thorough christian.

June 11, 1897


Entered into peaceful rest, Monday morning at 1 o'clock a. m. after a long and painful illness.

Death has again visited our community. This time it selected for its victim one who was known by all -- loved by all. To attempt to eulogise(sic) on her life, would be a task to which the most gifted mind would not be equal. To attempt to draw out or picture a life like her's(sic) is beyond human conception.

Her life was one of kindness in action, and not of idle works -- a life of sweet simplicity -- a life of perfect devotion and Christian Charity and absolute self denial. She has often been heard to remark, "God has put me here for a purpose, yet while I do not know that purpose, I shall do my best" -- and right well did she do it.

For more than twenty years a task fell to her lot, which to many, would have at times proven irksome, but not so here, but rather a pleasure. Excluded as she was from the world she was never heard to murmer(sic) or complain. Beautiful indeed was her devotion to loved one, who for so many years were prostrate upon a bed of pain.

Through it all she had trials, trials that would have shaken the faith of many, but with her it only grew the stronger as time rolled on. To have met and watched her gentle and patient ministrations of love at the bedside of ----- she loved, one would have found them questioning whether she was of earth of(sic) heaven.

Next to that of family, was her devotion to her church, and always when possible she was found in her place, with that same quiet, perfect devotion that was so characteristic of her home life.

She was born in Ireland and came to this country when but a child. Her father was born in County Tyrone, Ireland in 1792 and died here in 1871. Her mother was born in 1804, and died here, Feb. 25, 1890.

Uppermost in the minds of the two sisters, and other loved ones that survive her should be, (although they mourn sad long for her sweet presence) that she has gone to that perfect rest and reward that our Heavenly Father has prepared for all who love and serve him. While none of us may ever attain that high state of perfection which was hers, let us try to pattern our lives as near to the model she left that we too may enjoy that peaceful rest in the home beyond the sky.

The beautiful Burial Service of the Episcopal Church was said over her remains at the church, Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, by Rev. Alexander Patterson, of Nashville, after which, the remains were conveyed to Maplewood, ------- to rest in a flower laden grave by the side of loved ones, there to await the dawn of that Day in which her Heavenly Father will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." -- Amen.

Submitted by: Mary Kelley