Obituary of
Willis Worley

Vol. 24 The Pulaski Citizen No. 31
Thursday, August 3, 1882 (P. 3, Col. 3)

Death of Willis Worley

Hon. Willis Worley died at his home eight miles east of Pulaski last Friday morning of typho-malarial fever, aged 65 years. he had been sick two or three weeks and his death was not unexpected. Willis Worley was one of the firmest men we ever knew, had a higher conception of honor and governed himself more rigidly by the strictest rules of justice and right, and was a man of most inflexible consistency. he represented Giles county in the legislature in 1873, we believe, and came into universal esteem for his stern qualities of character. He raised a very large family into whom he instilled the noble traits that characterized his life, and he left to the world an example of integrity and character that will live in the lives of many who will profit in emulating his deeds. We hold his death to be a public calamity. And yet his living has done the world good. He was buried with Masonic honors Saturday upon his own place.

(date of death - July 28, 1882)

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