Puncheon Camp Baptist Church Minutes

The following pages are copies of the minutes of the Puncheon Camp Baptist Church of Christ for various intervals between 1844 and 1886. The church was located on Puncheon Branch, a creek in Giles County, Tennessee, near the village of Minor Hill. The church was apparently located somewhat south of Minor Hill, close to the Alabama state line at Limestone County. Several of the members of this church are known to have attended there while living in Limestone County, making these records both an Alabama and Tennessee genealogical resource

The records were apparently recovered from underneath the porch of an abandoned house near Minor Hill some years ago. Regretably, I do not know the name of the person who discovered them so I must credit him or her anonamously. The records have been transcribed, though, and were furnished to me through the courtesy of Mrs. Sue Hendrix Davis of Minor Hill.

In presenting these records, I have used the spelling and punctuation of the original author(s). I hope you will find them interesting and useful. Throughout the text you will find names in red for ease of scanning quickly through the text.

April - November 1844
December 1844 - April 1845

Submitted by:Jim Davis