Does anyone recognize these names? Griffin Irdel/Iredell RUTHERFORD was born abt 1874 in Pulaski, TN. He may have been the son of William G. and Lucy Bellew Johns RUTHERFORD. Griffin & wife possibly went to Waxahatchie, TX. I'm also looking for B. Melvin JOHNS, b. 1866, the son of Wm Carrol and Lucy Bellew JOHNS.
R. H. Mewbourn
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Submitted on Mon Aug 30 10:43:22 EDT 1999


I am looking for descendants of the following people. (1) Nancy Ann KELLY who married Mr. WEBB. She died in Giles Co. on 2 September 1912. Her children are: Malissa who married Samuel JACKSON (he died in Giles Co. in 1902.) and Virginia who married Edward YORK. (2) Mary Louisa Elisa KELLY who was born in 1839 and married John A. ALSUP. He died in Giles Co. in 1908. (3) Malinda Jane KELLY who died in Giles Co. 24 August 1925. She married first John S. TENNISON 8 April 1860 in Giles Co. and second Richard TANKERSLY in Lawrence Co., TN.on 15 September 1864. Richard TANKERSLY died in 1926. Any help with these families would be appreciated. I would love to share my info with other family members and researchers.
Jim W. Kelly
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Submitted on Sun Aug 29 14:31:04 EDT 1999


I am looking for descendants of Lydia L. J. KELLY who was born ca 1854, probably in Giles Co. She married William Frank FARRIS in Giles Co. on 23 November 1869. Their children are: Unis, Ada, Inez, W.L. and Nancy. Lydia is the daughter of John Nelson KELLY who was born ca 1822 and died ca 1884-1887. Also, I am looking for descendants of Melva MALONE, the step-daughter of John Nelson KELLY. She is listed as 8 years old in 1880. She married J.F. McCLUSKY in Giles Co. on 25 September 1890. Melva is the daughter of W.A. MALONE and Margaret C. BEE, who married in Giles Co. on 6 February 1870. Margaret (BEE) MALONE married John Nelson KELLY on 20 January 1875. Any help finding these families would really be appreciated. I'd love to discuss the KELLY family with those of you who are interested.
Jim W. Kelly
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Submitted on Sun Aug 29 14:19:58 EDT 1999


Looking for any info on the burial place for a Samuel CASKEY who died in Lincoln County, TN, in 1841 and was possibly buried in Giles, Maury or Lincoln County. He was married to Nancy Coffey.
Jerry Caskey
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Submitted on Sat Aug 28 14:11:46 EDT 1999


I'm looking for g,gg,etc.grandparents from Lewisburg,Tn. G.Dad-Thomas L. CASTLEMAN(b.10-22-1896-d.12-25-66) married Sadie Louise PETTY(Pulaski-b.7-20-1901-d.1-1-70)m.1920/21. G.gdad Henry CASTLEMAN m. Carrie CUNNINGHAM. Maternal g.grandparents: Alvey Bruce PETTY m.Evie Payne PINKERTON(Pulaski-b.?-d.12-18-24-N'ville) in Lewisburg. Evie PINKERTON was from Pulaski, no info on parents, but ggg?gdad was Sheriff there, not sure of the Payne name, it's on burial records that Papa Petty had, other family info says she was a PINKERTON. Alvie's f.-Thomas Mitchell PETTY(b.-8-4-1853/d.-8-1-25) m. Rohoda Elizabeth HOPWOOD(b.&d.?)in Lewisburg,1876, both d. in Lewisburg. Thomas Mitchell's f.-Nathan L. PETTY(b.1827-d.1862) his f.-William PETTY b.Tn?1800?-d.1841?-Lewisburg. PETTY names I have are Nettie Pearl,Bessie,Addie Zurle,Henry Clay-sis./bro.-Alvey. Anyone that might any info on these folks, please let me know. Thanks to all and "Hello" to new family!!! If I can be of help, let me know. Era "Lou" (Castleman) Reynolds.
Era "Lou"ise Reynolds -- 931 Sherrill Rd, Decherd, TN 37324-4271
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Aug 23 18:36:45 EDT 1999


Do you have any information on William DEAVENPORT,who enlisted in Van Dorn's Cavalry at the start of the Civil War and was killed at the Battle of Franklin, Nov.30, 1864?
Richard Svirskas
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Submitted on Mon Aug 23 17:12:52 EDT 1999


"Descendants", old 'BIBLES/LETTERS' Search? In Early 1800s, John McCANDLESS and Susanna FARMER resided in Giles County, Tennessee. Below is listed 'Given-names' of Their Children. Searching for 'Living Descendants' of ANY/ALL these Children: (*James Farmer; John Bunk; David Posey; Samuel M.; Thomas F.; William; Virginia; Jean S.; Nancy; Ellen; Elizabeth B.) *James Farmer McCANDLESS had a Son "James Madison McCANDLESS". ?WHO? did He marry?--Frank C. Durant, 1124 Powell Circle, Mesquite, Texas 75149.
Frank C. Durant
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Submitted on Mon Aug 23 16:24:49 EDT 1999


[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Aug 22 23:11:46 EDT 1999


Looking for info on Savage LITTLETON b. 1750 Kent Co.,DE. He lived in Giles Co.,TN before 1840's.
Glenda Page
-- P.O.Box 583, Macclesfield, NC 27852
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Submitted on Sun Aug 22 11:35:33 EDT 1999


Searching for a William THURMAN, that lived in Giles County,TN in 1830. He is listed in the 1830 census with four girls and three boys, up to the ages of twenty. William and his wife are between 40 and 50 years of age. Any information would be appreciated.
Marie Thurmon-Vann
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Aug 21 19:48:18 EDT 1999


Looking for information on Nathaniel E. "Bud" BROWN (1886-1971)married to Clara Jane CRICK. Could have been Giles or Lawrence County. They had a daughter, Mary Etta (1886-1971) who married James Andrew (Anderson) Crowder circa (1876--1915). Any information on the Browns, Cricks and their connections to the Crowders would be appreciated.
Toni Marshall
-- 2978 212th Street, Lake City, FL 32024
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Submitted on Mon Aug 16 22:10:32 EDT 1999


I am looking for relatives and descendants of Abraham YATES who came to Giles County, TN between 1810 and 1820 from Craven County NC and migrated on to Jones County MS before 1830.
Audrey Yates
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Submitted on Sat Aug 14 20:21:00 EDT 1999


Searching for information on William Allen SWINEY and his sister Emily, who were born in TN in the early-mid 1800s. They were closely linked with the Solomon and Nancy HAYS family. William married their daughter, Frances Minerva Hays, and Emily married Minerva's brother Thomas in Marshall, TN in 1866. All of them ended up in IL. William and Minerva died within hours of each other in 1877, leaving their son in the care of Thomas and Emily, who raised him with their own children. Thomas Monroe Swiney was born in Lynnville, Giles Co., TN in 1872.
Other names are William B. Swiney, thought to be William and Emily's father, and J.W. and Arthur Swiney, identified in family notes as "uncles," but no one knows if they were brothers of William and Emily or if they belong to an earlier generation. Old photographs have survived giving the photographer as "G.W. Jones of Shelbyville, Tennessee," but it would take an expert to date the pictures from their clothing.
Solomon Hays was born in NC and Nancy in IN. T
Barbara Collin
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Aug 14 00:44:25 EDT 1999


Seek information re: Descendants of Jesse HICKS, especially Elias Tidwell "Eli" HICKS b: 1833 in Giles County, TN

1 Jesse HICKS b: 1808 in Virginia
+Naomi b: 1808 in Virginia
2 Elias Tidwell "Eli" HICKS b: 1833 in Giles Cnty, TN d: June 29, 1864 in Richmond, VA
+Mary E. Terry b: 1834 in Tennessee m: January 23, 1853 in Alcorn County, MS
2 Lucy A. C. HICKS b: 1834 in Tennessee
2 Sarah E. HICKS b: 1835 in Tennessee
2 Robert J. HICKS b: 1836 in Tennessee
+Elizabeth M. JONES m: March 03, 1861 in Alcorn County, MS
2 James P. HICKS b: 1842 in Mississippi
2 [1] Nancy Catharine HICKS b: 1844 in Mississippi
+John Estes m: July 30, 1861 in Alcorn County, MS
*2nd Husband of [1] Nancy Catharine HICKS:
+Joshua CARPENTER b: 1834 in AL m: July 15, 1866 in Alcorn County, MS

Patty Macsisak
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Aug 13 14:34:48 EDT 1999


Found Grandma Thompson, name is Margarett, born about 1838 in Tenn. Both parents born in NC and have no idea what their names are. My mother said her grandmother died about 1913. Appreciate any help I can get on her life.
James P. Harrison
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Submitted on Wed Aug 11 20:48:25 EDT 1999


I am interested in the name of HUBBLE,I need info on JAY THOMAS HUBBLE and REBECCA ALICE HOWELL HUBBLE.His father was William (Wilson) Bishop Hubble and mother was Harriet Garrett.If possible I would love to have a copy of the marriage certificate of both marriages and any other data.Also where William may be buried,and if by chance Jay was taken there to be buried as well.I have not been able to find him here in the county where he was living at the time of his death.Thanks, Cindy
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Submitted on Sun Aug 8 13:57:40 EDT 1999


I am working on a massive ROTHROCK family tree. Jonathan ROTHROCK (1802-1852) (son of Philip ROTHROCK and Martha LABOUGH) was born at Mifflin County, Pennsylvania and moved to Tennessee. He married Margaret Amanda GORDON (1811-1892) in 1831 at Brick Church, Giles County, Tennessee. They are buried at the Brick Church Cemetery, near Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee. Margaret was the daughter of Robert GORDON (1763-1817) and Mary KENNEDY (1771-1854); both also buried at Brick Church. Jonathan and Margaret GORDON ROTHROCK were the parents of seven known children:
Mary Kennedy ROTHROCK (1832-1857); never married, buried at Brick Church
Robert Gordon ROTHROCK (1837-1902); a Doctor, married Harriet M. HOLT in 1866. Parents of four children. A physician in Nashville, TN.
Martha Jane ROTHROCK (1839-1933); never married. Buried at ?.
George McDonald ROTHROCK (1841-1924), Civil War Veteran. Married 1) Mildred E. (1849-1875) in 1869, 2
Dan Stevenson
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Submitted on Fri Aug 6 19:30:12 EDT 1999


Looking for information on Samuel Burr JOHNSTON b.28 Dec 1857 Giles County. He married Nancy Elizabeth b. 25 Sep 1852 Tenn. They had five children. Samuel had a brother J.H. JOHNSTON. All died in Arkansas.
Ken Rice
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Aug 6 10:49:59 EDT 1999


I am looking for my great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers names.FINE. I think his first name was J.W. or Wesley. They had two daughters, Sytha Ellen and Mary Elizabeth FINE. Sytha lived with a family named Fleming for a time and Mary E. lived with the Gilbreth,s.Their father died and Mrs, Fine married a Mr. Click.Sytha Ellen married my grandfather A.K.COVEY. They went to Ark. and then onto Okla. There is a COVEY HOLLER there in Maury Co. that was named after tholder Covey,s.Thanks for any help with the names of my relatives.
Mildred Cast
-- 504 Leslie Dr., Del City , OK 73115
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Submitted on Thu Aug 5 17:18:21 EDT 1999


I am looking for any background on John Harvey SPIVEY.(4-27-1884-1954)He married Della Mai(e?) HELMICK and had one daughter for sure that was born in Giles county.She was Ida Bell, my g-mother.He had up to nine children I believe.Three others are Ruth,William and James Tharp.Any info related to John would be greatly appreciated.I know very little about this family and am new to researching geneaology.
Bethany Chambers
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Submitted on Mon Aug 2 21:20:48 EDT 1999


Researching Boyd WILSON. He is on the 1830 census for Giles County.
Georgia Mathis Cummons
-- 7270 Exline Road, Jacksonville, FL 32222
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Submitted on Sun Aug 1 21:34:44 EDT 1999


Can someone tell me the history of the name of the town of Cornersville that was in Giles the early days, but is now in Marshall Co. TN.? Was it named for a family named Corner or Corners??? Thanks
Joanne Truman
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Aug 1 21:09:07 EDT 1999


MOORE, Asa 66 m MD fmr b 1782 came to MO in 1840 from Giles Co TN; 1860 Webster Co MO; 2nd m 17 Jun 1861 Webster Co MO to Martha Jane BROWN; Asa d before 1870.
Rebeca 65 f GA not with Asa 1860; from Giles Ca fall 1840
Mary L. 21 f TN m Richard KINDRICK s/o Edmond
KINDRICK & Margaret (?), see # 312 Wright Co MO 1850; 2nd m 15 Feb 1866 Webster Co MO to Beverly E. WALL.
David 12 m TN 1860 Webster Co MO w/father.
Children of Asa MOORE and Rebecca (?):
i. William did not come to MO. lived and died in TN.
ii. John was married when he came to Webster Co MO.
iii. Jeptha L. married Jane STURAT and moved to Kansas; see #358 Wright Co MO 1850.
iv. Elijah went to TX not heard of since.
v. Jonathan F. married Mary CAMPER before coming to MO, he died shortly after moving to MO; she 2nd m Calvin STURT, see #443 Wright Co MO 1850.
vi. Thomas moved to AR; see #36 Wright

Cheryl Kenter -- P.O Box 653, Blue Springs, MO 64015
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Aug 1 16:33:53 EDT 1999


I'm trying to locate Dianne Adkisson/Atkison b.May 24, 1806 Williamson Co, TN area. m. Peter Ussery b.Nov. 17, 1806 Montgomery Co., NC. Dianne's father is believed to be Anuel Atkison b. abt. 1760/1770 in TN. and her brothers Jesse W. Atkinson 1802 Williamson Co., TN, William B. Atkinson and Benjamin Atkinson b. 1794 TN. We have a note stating she was born in the Sequoyah Valley.
Sandy Blair
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Submitted on Thu Jul 29 01:35:49 EDT 1999


John Marshall PIERCE b circa 1843 (TN) M Elizabeth Caroline OSBORN/OSBOURNE/OSBOURN b, Circa 1845 (TN). They were married in GILES County, TN. 1867, had at least 4 children. John was with the 2nd Mounted Infantry (Union) during the Civil War. Any info or correspondence would be appreciated. Thanks
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 28 01:43:04 EDT 1999


Very interested in information regarding descendants of Samuel Jackson Anderson, born Feb 8, 1847 (wife Sarah Neal Gardner)Eight children: Willie Myrtle 1878, Robert Daniel 1880, Reuel Lacy 1882, Charles Beall 1883, Earl Brown 1886, Walter Percival 1888, Frances Susan 1890 and Paul Henry 1892. Also Prof. Thomas Eliah White, born March 27, 1861 married Fannie Beall Gardner. Four children: Thomas Brown 1895, Robert Gardner 1897, Camilla Ruth 1904,and Flossie Beall 1900.
Molly Fiscella
-- 225 5th St., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
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Submitted on Tue Jul 27 20:35:37 EDT 1999


Researching and would like to find a GENEALOGIST to research my HEDGPETH families of GILES, MAURY and possibly LINCOLN counties. Second gr grandparents, Wiley W. and Charlottie EDWARDS HEDGPETH m. 1837 GILES Co.
Nancy Jane RAmsey Norris
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Submitted on Tue Jul 27 15:15:26 EDT 1999


Looking for any info on the following: Hugh Reeves, Atlas J. Reeves b. 1885, Ethel Reeves b. 1886, Harry Reeves b. 1897, Georgia Reeves b. 1878, William Reeves b. 1894. Father was Atlas Jones Reeves of Giles Cty, Pulaski Tn.. Mother Frances.
Thanks, Pam.
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Submitted on Tue Jul 27 09:27:00 EDT 1999


Looking for the family of Frances Clem b. 1864 Tn and brother James/Jim Ed Clem. Frances is listed with husband Atlas Reeves in the 1880 Giles Cty, Pulaski, Tn.
Thanks, Pam.
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Submitted on Tue Jul 27 09:22:35 EDT 1999


Looking for the family of Frances Clem Hamilton b.Aug. 1864 Tn. She is listed in the 1880 census as living in Giles Cty. with husband Atlas Reeves. Children:Georgia b. 1878, Hortense b.1881, ethel b. 1886, Harry b.1897, Hugh , Atlas b. 1885, william 1864. Appreciate any info.
Thanks, Pam.
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Submitted on Tue Jul 27 09:19:04 EDT 1999


Interested in any information on Dr. William Henry Purnell who was a resident of Giles County in 1812. He is listed on the tax list of 1812 and was made a trustee of Pulaski Academy in September of 1812. He was born in Maryland, graduated from Unniv of Pennsylvania and later moved to Alabama. I am interested especally in marriages and the births of his children. Thanks
Becky Bolliger
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Submitted on Mon Jul 26 16:39:08 EDT 1999


Maggie Ellen Franklin married Flossie(?)Pigg. They had four children Floyd,Cecil,Lora and Katherine. Katherine was born in 1914, in Pulaski Tennessee. I am looking for information on Maggie Franklin and her husband. His last name was Pigg (uncertain on first name).
Terry Hill
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Submitted on Sat Jul 24 21:58:28 EDT 1999


Am looking for any information re: Monroe BARNES b.4/23/1862 first marriage to Sally HAMBLIN (b. 04/1874) on 09/07/1884. His parents may have been Richard BARNES and Paly Balkum BARNES. Listed in Giles County Census of 1900. Will appreciate any info.
Melissa Mills
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Submitted on Wed Jul 21 17:44:01 EDT 1999


I am searching for the physical birthplace of my grandfather, William Miron Rea and/or the former residence of his father, William W. Rea, married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Young (b. Aug 1854, Bradshaw, Giles County, TN). William Miron Rea was born March 20, 1879, also in "Bradshaw", Giles County, TN. I have not been able to locate this community on a map...and am planning on visiting Giles County July 30/31st while on vacation. I have not been able to locate ANY other information on my great grandfather, William W. Rea, who died in Giles County Abt. 1882, with place of death noted as Pulaski, Giles County. I am hoping to determine further ancestral information on my great grandfather, William W. Rea, as well. I would appreciate any information, or what you may have to suggest as to where to research or check while I am there.

Ashley Waters
DeRidder, Louisiana
-- P.O. Box 982, DeRidder, LA 70634
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Submitted on Tue Jul 20 22:16:50 EDT 1999


I am searching for information on the family of SPENCER J ROGERS, born in 1814. Married first ELIZABETH MITCHELL, then married AURINA MCDONALD SMITH. SPENCER is know to be living in Giles Co. on Weakley Creek in 1910. He is age 97. Please E-mail [email protected] if you have any information. Will share what I have. Especially interested in death of Spencer and Aurina. Norma Rogers.
Norma Rogers -- 399 Akorn Street, Cocoa, FL 32927
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 20 19:48:00 EDT 1999


1812 listing of Giles County males... SEEMS to be done by district... Does anyone know for sure?

James Robert and William BROWN listed together Can anyone tell me who they were? about 1809 William and Robert exchanged some land in Giles County? Same Will and Bob?
john brown
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Submitted on Tue Jul 20 10:49:59 EDT 1999


I am looking for William Henley Stone who was born in England. He came to North Caorlina with his brother Hosey and settled in Giles County, TN. He had three sons; 1) Isaac Stone, 2)John Stone and 3) Dr. George Stone. I do not know who thier mother was. His son Isaac Stone married Frances (Fannie) Benson in Giles County around 1870. They had five children: 1) Newton Alexander, born Nov. 1, 1871, 2) William H. born 1873, 3) Bertie born 1875, 4) Hosey L. born1776 and 5)Cora Stone born 1878. I believe all these children were born in Giles County. Any information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated.
Larry W. Warneke
-- 137 Pleasant Grove Lane, Waco, TX 76712-7717
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Submitted on Mon Jul 19 00:23:56 EDT 1999


Looking for information on a George Washington Tillman that resided in Giles County. He was born Nov 2, 1829 and died Dec 1919. He was married to a Elizabeth Griffin.
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 18 19:42:06 EDT 1999


RAGLE, Martin Hagia ,I am searching for any info on or any other RAGLE family. I am able to find Martin listed in Giles Co. !836 Tax list District 14. He was born 9-1-1804 in Glade Springs, Washington Co. Tnn.
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Submitted on Sun Jul 18 00:34:40 EDT 1999


I am looking for any information on the following Castleberry family members from Giles County TN. I am specifically interested in determining their parents, as I believe these may be brothers and sisters of my Gr-Gr Grandfather, John Robert Castleberry of Searcy Co. Arkansas. John Robert Castleberry was married to Margaret Ann Morris in Giles Co. TN and moved to Searcy Co. AR in the fall of 1839.
A possible brother is George Washington Castleberry b.6/6/1823 married to Mary Jane Beal on 1/23/1848. She was born in Giles Co. TN on 11/18/1830. They are listed in the 1850 Giles Co. census as having one female child, M.J.Castlebery, one year old. After his death on 11/29/1857, Mary Jane married Napoleon Bonapart Rose on 7/11/1858 in Lawrence AR.
Another possible brother is Franklin Castleberry who married Eveline Tennessee Hackney on 1/13/1841 in Giles Co. TN.
A probable sister was Martha Jane Castleberry b.5/10/1837 and married to Stephen R. Pillow on 10/25/1857 in Giles Co. TN, then moved to AR.
Cal Castleberry
-- 1228 Valley Green, Mauldin, SC 29662
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Submitted on Sat Jul 17 02:31:04 EDT 1999


I am searching for information about the family of Susanah Castleberry listed in the 1850 Census for Giles Co. Tennessee. She is listed as 53 years old and born in Alabama in 1797.

She has the following children listed in the 1850 census, all of which were born in Tennessee:

Cyntha Ann b. 1829,
Andrew J. b. 1833,
William W. b. 1835, and
Martha Jane b. 1838.

I am looking for information such as the father of this family, any children born prior to 1829, and her maiden name...
Cal Castleberry
-- 1228 Valley Green, Mauldin, SC 29662
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Submitted on Sat Jul 17 02:13:11 EDT 1999


I would like imformation about David Dwight Bridgeforth family who came to Giles county in early 1800,s from Virginia.
Steve Woodward
-- 400 Andrews Ave., Hartsville, TN 37074
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Submitted on Fri Jul 16 13:15:51 EDT 1999


Looking for my ggg grandmother Elizabeth. We are unsure of her maiden name spelling. Father may have been William OR Robert BRYANT. Mother may have been a CALHOUN. Elizabeth was born around 1816, and married Wilson Williamson Marlow around 1834-36. They had four children: Achsa (1836), James Robert (1838), Pleasant (1841) and Bethel (1843). She died young around the age of 25-27 shorthly after the birth of her last child. I am a descendent of Bethel. Bethel is a strange name. I once saw a William Bethel MARLOW and wondered if my gg grandfather was named after a this person. We believe that she and Wilson lived in Tennesse when first married and then moved to St. Claire Missouri. She died somewhere in Missouri,near St. Claire I would think. Does anyone have information on this family. I would love to hear from you. I have some information to share. Thank you, Vicki Walberg Vacaville, CA.
Vicki Walberg
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Submitted on Fri Jul 16 01:48:32 EDT 1999


James Monroe FARLEY b: Nov 26, 1830-Pulaski, Giles, Tn. Served 4 yrs. in Conf. army. Member of Camp Bellite (church of Christ) church in Pulaski. Died Dec. 17, 1914 & is buried in Jean, Tx. Was raised by a Grandmother EVANS; Had a Grandfather LARD and a sister, Nancy WEATHERFORD. Married: Loretta FRY on June 10, 1854 in Pulaski, Tx. She was b: Jan 15, 1832 near Nashville, Tn. Father was a Baptist preacher. They had 15 children all born in Pulaski, Tn.
LaVaun Kraft
-- P O BOX 55, Lipscomb, TX 79056-0055
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Submitted on Wed Jul 14 23:08:34 EDT 1999


I'm looking for information on JOEL B. DRAKE (1814-1881). Probably born in VA. was married (1) to Elitia Myra BENTHALL. They had 3 children, but only 1, Elitia (or Elisha) Jane, lived to be an adult. She married George W. WELCH 22 July 1861. Joel married (2) Susan A. WILLIAMSON BLACK (she was widow of Isaac N. BLACK). In 1850 census they were in Giles County, TN. and had 5 children in addition to Elitia and Isaac N. Black (Susan's son by former marriage). In 1860 census they were in Lawrence Co.,TN. with 8 children in addition to Elitia and Isaac. In 1870 census Joel was married to Artelia F. GOOCH and they had 4 more children. JOEL B. DRAKE, ELITIA J. DRAKE WELCH AND GEORGE W. WELCH are buried in Neal Cemetery near West Point, TN. I have no info about Joel's parents or siblings and would very much like to hear from anyone who knows anything about JOEL B. DRAKE and his family. I hope you will e-mail me at [email protected]
BARBARA WELCH STEVENSON -- 5204 Ville-Angela Lane, Hazelwood, MO 63042-1633
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 13 17:37:42 EDT 1999


Caroline PULLUM bc 1867 Giles Co, TN d/o John PULLUM and Elmira TARVIN. Married Newton DeFOE. Would like to hear from descendants.
Rita Hill Pullum
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 13 16:36:26 EDT 1999


I have some information on McAlister/McAllister family of Giles Co., TN; will be glad to share. Some of the e-mail addresses listed with queries are not working. Thanks Gladys
Gladys C. Shannon
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 13 11:44:01 EDT 1999


Looking for info on Asa Keeley COKER who is listed in the Giles Co census of 1860. Asa's wife was Malvina Amanda (Johnson) Coker and his first son was James. I recently received a copy of the actual census page from the National Archive and it lists the Post Office as "bali Mills" (sp). Does anyone know where that was? I would be happy to share any ifnfo listed on the census page. Surnames listed include HART, JOHNSON, ROLAND, MAYFIELD, CROW, GILMORE, WILKINSON, CHAMBERS, DEAN, HOBBS, and BUCHANAN.
David Coker
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 12 10:32:59 EDT 1999


Looking for the parents, etc. of Commodore Lafayette ROSS b.1871 d.1951, husband of Ella Minette UPSHAW b. 1873 d. 1933. He was a rural mail carrier in Giles Co. Both Commodore and Ella are buried in Giles Co.
Sandra Cook
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Submitted on Sun Jul 11 17:31:00 EDT 1999


Researching the Ferrells and Reynolds from Giles Co., Tn. Jane Reynolds, born 1783, S.C., married William Ferrell. Jane was sister to Isaac Reynolds, born 1793, S.C. Interested in comparing notes. Jane
Jane Russell
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Submitted on Sun Jul 11 10:35:02 EDT 1999


WIley Y. WILKERSON (ca. 1837 - 1880) of Giles, TN married Louisa DAVIDSON, daughter of Obediah S. Davidson (1798-1866) and Eleanor Carpenter of Lawrence Co, AL.
Louiza and Wiley had four children:
(1) Loudinia Wilkerson(1858- 1934);
(2) Emma Wilkerson (b abt 1861) m. Mr. Clark;
(3) Eleanor Wilkerson (b abt 1872) m. Wm. P. Parker;
(4) John Wilkerson (b abt 1865).
They were living in Lawrence Co, AL in 1881 but I can't locate them after that. Are there any Wilkerson, Parker, Clark descendants out there who can help me out? Hope so. Thanks.
Ann Davidson Wood
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Submitted on Thu Jul 8 15:19:50 EDT 1999


John McCANDLESS and Suzannah (FARMER), came to Giles County, TN. from Orange County, N.C., prior to 1840, settling on Richland Creek, and reared a Family of Eleven Children. A Son, James Farmer McCANDLESS married Elizabeth GORDON. I need to locate 'Present-day' "Holders" of the "Old Family Bibles" of those two Families. Any Info will be greatly appreciated!!--Frank C. Durant, 1124 Powell Circle, Mesquite, Texas, 75149.
Frank C. Durant
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Submitted on Wed Jul 7 17:49:13 EDT 1999


LOGUE'S listed on the 1860 census for Giles County, all listed as being on page 60 for Northern Subdivision. Intereste in the following people all with the last name of LOGUE. HARTWELL, JAMES, SPOHIA, and ALBERT. They originally were from Maury Co., the children of Clement W. LOGUE and his wife LYDIA WALKER. Will gladly exchange what I have on them. Thanks
Roy Phillips Miers -- 8707 Crysler Avenue, Kansas City , MO 64138
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 5 07:52:04 EDT 1999


Any information regarding a Henry MCGRAW born in Pulaski, son of a woman named Sarah (perhaps a slave) moved to St Louis MO and died there in 1937. He had 2 brothers, Will and George; Married Nancy HARVEL -- she died sometime in late 1940. Have been unable to get records from Missouri. Any information is most helpful. Thanks!
Heather Kemp
-- 5 Ricker Park, C2, Portland, ME 04101-1616
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Seeking information on parents and siblings of my 3greatgrandfather, Benjamin S. CLARDY. (a.k.a.- B.S.) He was orphaned in 1814 Maury Co. and bound to Elisha UZZELL, a hatmaker in Columbia. In 1822, B.S. became a Methodist circuit rider. 1826 married Nancy J. KILPATRICK, daughter of Rev. Joshua W. KILPATRICK also a circuit rider living in Maury Co. at this time. As circuit riders there was a move to a new area nearly every year. B.S. had land in Hardin, Wayne, Giles and Maury Co. Any help greatly appreciated.
Nita Clardy Freer
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I am researching my great grandfather Alonzo Lewis Butler, born May 1859. According to census records he was born in TN, his father was born in TN, and his mother was born in AL. I have all the information after he married my great grandmother, but nothing before his marriage. Any help is very appreciated. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Tammy Covey
Tammy Covey -- 2010 North Sunshine Road, Fayetteville, AR 72704-6302
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Submitted on Sat Jul 3 23:20:33 EDT 1999


My mother covered up the family skeletons in the closet, so I am lost on information.Mom's Grandma Thompson, ( first name ? ) had the following children (in no order) James "Bud" no dates, Alice no dates, John-1867-1946 buried @ Coolsprings Cem. ,William Lee-March 15,1875 - Dec 21,1930 buried @ Chestnut Grove Cem. Edward-March 7,1878-March 27,1966 buried @ Chestnut Grove Cem. Ella no dates, married a Glover. I would realy like to find any information on their mother, was told that she never married but son James was called "Bud" like he was named after the father. As far as I know, they never left Giles Co. Tenn.
Jim Harrison
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Looking to exchange information regarding John Henry BLACKBURN and Eliza Tennessee TIMMINS. The couple was found in the 1900 Giles Co. Census with several MEGRIFF grandchildren. Did John Henry and Eliza die in Giles Co.? If so, where are they buried?
Susan Matych-Hager
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 3 17:04:35 EDT 1999


I am looking for decendants of Albert JOHNS b. ca 1823 in SC.; his wife is Sarah P. ? b. ca 1826 AL. Their children are: Menajah, William Henry (Hillary), John A., Cornelius E., Joseph F., Thomas B., Lewis F., Mary C., Sarah F., All born Giles County, TN Any information on this group is appeciated
Kyle Johnson
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 1 22:45:26 EDT 1999