Lloyd - Abernathy - Grubbs - Rainey
Chancery Court Records

See Chancery Court Case File Box L-4, item 2
about children of Stephen G. Lloyd, deceased
filed by guardian William G. Lloyd.

Stephen G. Lloyd died in Giles Co TN 1834 testate, wife Elizabeth received all property, she death Oct 1840, and she gave her children the property by deed. Land was on Indian Creek, Meshack BOYCE was executor of Will. Stephen G. Lloyd had 10 children

1. Elizabeth Lloyd, minor heirs
2. Catherine Lloyd, "
3. Stephen M. Lloyd, "
4. Alexander C. Lloyd, '
5. Susan M. Lloyd
6. James C. Lloyd, deceased, his dtr Isobella Lloyd, a minor
7. Susan M. Lloyd
8. Martha Lloyd, wife of Nicholas Grubbs,
9. Sally Eliza Lloyd, wife of John WATSON.
10. John H. Lloyd, all of Giles Co TN

Same box as above:
Sarah R. Lloyd vs. Wm L. Lloyd, Petition for Divorce.

They were married in Giles Co August 1827. She charged desertion, non-support. Had one son Thomas L. Lloyd, about 7 years old.

Files Box L-8, Case 1660, 1859:
Wm Loyd vs. Wm Webb & Others,

Wm Loyd said he loaned money to Wm Webb by Note. In Jun 1857, Wm Webb conveyed his land by deed to his sons Thomas J. and Lewis S. Webb, 230 acres, plus extras. The land adjoined land of Wm S. Harwell, Nicholas GRUBBS, and Charles Leatherman and others in Giles Co. Wm Loyd filed an injunction and attachment bill attaching all property of Wm Webb. In another similar case, which is missing, Nicholas Grubbs vs. Wm Webb, same thing happened. Nicholas Grubbs attached property of Wm Webb for debts owed by Note. Land was finally advertised through Chancery Court for sale by A. Cox, Clerk & Master. Some Creditors were John C. BROWN, J. MAYS, Wm G. Loyd, L.M. Harwell, John Ralston, Ezel Brothers, L.B. Marks B.W. Mason. Wm Webb had two Drs by first marriage and nine or ten by second marriage. The land of Wm Webb lay in the 20th District on waters of Bradshaw Creek.

Giles Chancery Court File Box B-27, Case 2489:
John H. BIRDSONG (administrator of estate of Elisha ABERNATHY, deceased) vs. Mary ABERNATHY & als.

Elisha ABERNATHY d: 1843 intestate (without a will), leaving widow Mary A. R. ABERNATHY and 4 children:

1. Richard ABERNATHY.
3. Frederick ABERNATHY
Elisha ABERNATHY had 8 children by his first wife:
1. Harriett ABERNATHY, wife of Jesse GRUBBS.
2. Eliza ABERNATHY, wife of Turner ABERNATHY.
3. Mary F. ABERNATHY, wife of Marshall COFFMAN.
4. Parthenia ABERNATHY, wife of Bryant FOWLER of Mississippi.
5. Susan ABERNATHY, deceased, wife of James WATSON, who left two children: Malinda Jane WATSON and Edward WATSON.
6. Martha ABERNATHY, wife of Jasper GRIFFITH of Missouri.
7. Nancy ABERNATHY, now deceased, wife of Baker POTTS, leaving 4 children: (1) James P. POTTS (2) Nancy J. POTTs (3) Wm Lewis POTTS, Martha POTTS, all of Haywood TN.
8. Ellen ABERNATHY, deceased, wife of William GRUBBS, leaving 6 children:
(1) Sterling GRUBBS (see chancery case below)
(3) Catherine (GRUBBS) EWING, wife of Calvin EWING of Marshall Co TN.
(4) Zeno GRUBBS
(5) Martha (GRUBBS) THOMAS, all of Lincoln Co TN, except the Ewings.
Elisha ABERNATHY owned land in District 8, on Buchanon Creek. (see also case 3657 below)

Giles Chancery Court File Box XXX, Jan 1897:

Mentions 147 acres of land sold by James C. And Mary Osborn and Sterling C. And Dyonella GRUBBS, Feb 5, 1874.

(note Sterling was son of Wm Grubbs and Elen Abernathy. Their marriage record lists: her name as Dinicia ABERNATHY m. Sterling C. Grubbs, Sep 20 1855 Giles Co, by John H. Birdsong.) (see also Case 2489 above)

Chancery Court File Box H-12, Case 4926 (1894)
original and Injunction Bill, Lucious GRUBBS, Heirs at Law

Land owned by Mrs. Theresa (GRUBBS) PORTER was on the head waters of Haywood Creek known as Walter M. Tuget place, 120 acres, Case was a family dispute over land, copy of will in the case.

Theresa R. C. (GRUBBS) PORTER, wife of Reece PORTER - he moved to TX, he abandoned her and their children Sep 26, 1880 in Giles Co TN. She moved to Huntsville, AL May 1884 and died 6 weeks later, leaving a Will, witnesses J. M. Simpson and W.P. HART. She bequeathed her entire estate to (her niece) Lucy BLACK, Walter E. MOORE, And Wm Lewis MOORE. If they all died without issue, property goes to Rachel GRUBBS. Theresa GRUBBS PORTER's brother, Lucious GRUBBS destroy the Will.

Rachel (Rainey - see case 2590) GRUBBS, widow of (Leroy (M.) GRUBBS, deceased) and her children:

1. Aaron GRUBBS
2. Thomas GRUBBS
3. L. Sidney GRUBBS
4. Ella May (GRUBBS0 SIMPSON, who died leaving Elma Simpson and Ruth Simpson of Giles Co TN.
Other children's names are unknown.
Brothers and Sisters of Theresa R. C. GRUBBS PORTER: (note it would appear that Leroy M., Lucious, and Van Buren GRUBBS, were all brothers of Theresa GRUBBS Porter in case 1152 below) 1. L. Hensley GRUBBS, living in 1884 (his wife was Mary J. PERRY lived in Morgan Co AL 1870, Miss Perry was dtr of Francis S. PERRY and Rhoda, per Case in File Box V, Aug 30 1870, children of Francis S. Perry, deceased other names mentioned there are Wilkinson, Combs, Smith, McCord, Alphonso)
2. Lucious GRUBBS, deceased, leaving children, who all reside in AL:
 (1) Henry GRUBBS (2) Lucy R. GRUBBS (3) Ed GRUBBS (4) Maud GRUBBS
3. Terry GRUBBS, deceased
4. Oscar GRUBBS, deceased
5. Adolphus GRUBBS, deceased
6. Aaron GRUBBS, deceased
7. Susan (GRUBBS), wife of John BLACK, she died young leaving two daughter, which her sister Theresa Grubbs Porter helped to raise: Lucy BLACK and Alberta BLACK who married J. H. MOORE, (she died when her sons were young), her two sons are the complainants of this case: (1) Walter E. MOORE and (2) William Lewis MOORE.
9. Martha (GRUBBS) wife of ______ MAYS, left a son, Robert Reeves MAYS of AL and other children and grandchildren. (see case above J. MAYS owned land adjoining Nicholas GRUBBS and others)

Chancery Court Record case 1152
George W. Pitts vs. Leroy GRUBBS.

Attachment of Property of Leroy M. GRUBBS. Gives relationships as follows; Leroy M. Grubbs, brother of Lucious GRUBBS and Van Buren GRUBBS, died intestate with considerable property, with no wife or children at death. So Leroy M. Grubbs share was 1/7th of his brother's property, which Mr. Pitts attached for unpaid debts. Undated but attachment of property was May 1, 1854. (note it would appear that Leroy M., Lucious, and Van Buren GRUBBS, were all brothers of Theresa GRUBBS Porter in case 4926 above)

Case 3657:
Will of James E. Abernathy
Hardaway Tucker and his wife Virginia vs. Turner Abernathy & als

(see also case above which lists children of Elisha Abernathy) James E. Abernathy died of consumption at his residence Sep 9, 1848, with a will. He left surviving widow, Virginia, who later married Hardaway Tucker. James Abernathy left no children, but surviving him were his sisters:

1. Eliza Abernathy wife of Turner Abernathy
2. Harriet Abernathy wife of Jesse D. GRUBBS
3. Parthena Abernathy wife of Bryant FOWLER
4. Ellen Abernathy wife of William GRUBBS, both of whom were deceased, they left surviving: Sterling (C.) GRUBBS, and other children whose names and places of residence were unknown
5. Mary (Grubbs) wife of Marshall COFFMAN.
6. Nancy (Grubbs) wife of Baker POTTS, both of whom were deceased, they left surviving: 1- Adolphus POTTS 2-Susan (POTTS) wife of James WATSON, both deceased left surviving son Edward WATSON.

James E. Abernathy
left 100 acres of land, stock, farming tools, etc. To his wife Virginia. Turner Abernathy was appointed Executor of Will (witnesses to will was Jacob B. MORRELL and William TENNERY). The land was located in the 20th District lying on Indian Creek. This land was conveyed to Abernathy by Moses Hodge, Deed Bk. R, and pg. 434-435. Dr. Alexander PHELPS was Abernathy's physician and wrote the Will.

Chancery Court Record 1868, File box J-7, case 2590, and case 1648
Will of Lemuel RAINEY:
(see also case below file box IX, Aug 11 1871)

James T. Johnson, Executor and Others vs. Mourning M. Gordon and others. Leumel Rainey d: Apr 26 1859 at residence in Giles Co testate, left widow Catherine Rainey, and children:

1. Mahala H. Rainey, wife of James T. JOHNSON- Executor.
2. Mourning Rainey, wife of James M. GORDON of Haywood TN
3. Mary J. Rainey, wife of Erasmus G. ABERNATHY.
4. Rachel Rainey, wife of Leroy M. GRUBBS, of Marshall Co (see above case (Grubbs/Porter)
5. Sarah Rainey, wife of Samuel WILLIAMS of TX.
6. James M. Rainey- Executor.
7. Frances Rainey, deceased, who was wife of William F. ABERNATHY. She left 6 children: (1) Ann Rebecca Abernathy, wife of P. MILES. (*Ann Abernathy, wife of Powhattan Miles of Rutherford Co TN- see case below File Box IX, Aug 11, 1871)
(2) Jesse Abernathy
(3) Thomas (Theo) D. Abernathy (*Thomas Denty per case above)
(4) Richard Abernathy (*Wm R. Per case above)
(5) Francis Abernathy (*Francis E. Per case above)
(6) Isaac Abernathy (*Issac M. Per case above)
8. S. H. Rainey, deceased, who resided in Camdon, AR, died after his father, leaving a widow Lou Rainey and one child, ____ Rainey.
9. John H. Rainey of MO.

File Box IX, Aug 11, 1871:
James L. Johnson Executor vs. M.M. Gordon, Petition

Petitioner, James L. Johnson a citizen of Giles Co, TN, represented that on 6 Apr 1859, Lemuel Rainey, then a citizen of Giles Co, made his will and appoint James m. Rainey and James L. Johnson, executors thereof. In the same month of April Lemuel Rainey made his Will he died (Apr 26, 1859). On the first Monday in June the Will was probated. James M. Rainey lived at Brownsville, TN and it was inconvenient for him to attend the business of the estate so consequently James l. Johnson attended to the estate settlement. The inventory was taken and returned to the Clerk. On Sep 27 1859 Petitioner held a public sale for surplus stock and farming tools. The papers filed in this case were destroyed by Federal Soldiers during the Civil War and were carried away from the possession of Mr. Johnson without his permission or power to forbid. Lemuel Rainey left surviving him his widow Catherine, children (1) Morning M. Rainey, wife of James M. Gordon (2) Mary J. Rainey wife of E.G. Abernathy (3) Rachel L. Abernathy, wife of L.M. Grubbs (4) Sarah M. Rainey, wife of Sam Williams and (1) William R. Abernathy (2) Francis E. Abernathy, and Issac M. Abernathy, minor heirs of Frances Rainey and Wm F. Abernathy, also son Thomas DENTY ABERNATHY all of Giles Co TN, and Ann R., wife of POWHATTAN MILES of Rutherford TN.

Giles County TN Chancery Court Records
WOODRUFF Files T through Z, 1830-1900,Volume VI, page 15, #22 File Box T-2 Case 3383 Bill to Clear up Title 1874:
Joseph TOWNSEND vs. W.B. ROBERTS et als:

"Joseph TOWNSEND a citizen of Giles County vs. W. B. Roberts, James MOORE, Jane MOORE, Samuel MOORE, and James CRABB citizens of Giles County, Nancy CRABB a citizen of Lawrence County, John MOORE, Margaret MOORE, Henry MOORE & Polly CRABB and Dainey CRABB a citizen of Texas. Complainant TOWNSEND represented that he on the 10th of November 1859 purchased of Thomas MOORE then a citizen of Giles County a tract of land described in Exhibit "A". The Deed of Trust upon said land to secure the payment of debts due Roberts registered in Deed Book "Y", pages 558 to 560 and that Complainant undertook and agreed to pay ROBERTS amount secured by Deed of Trust. Complainant had long since paid off the debts secured by Deed of Trust to Roberts and the remainder of the Notes given to MOORE for said land and all of purchase money had been fully paid and Thomas MOORE executed to the Complainant a Deed conveying land in Fee Simple and the Deed was lost or destroyed during the Civil War when the Federal Soldiers were prowling and destroying records in our Court House and before the Deed could be registered. The land lay on Hulsey's Branch of Sugar Creek in the 4th District. Thomas MOORE died in the State of Arkansas having moved there about 1869. He left his widow Lucinda C. And his children: James, Jane, Samuel, John, Henry, and Margaret and grandchildren: Nancy, Polly, James and Dainey CRABB the children of deceased daughter Ann who died before her father Thomas MOORE. Complainants only remedy to clear up the Title to the land was by this Bill in Chancery Court to set up lost Deed and have Title of land made to him the said TOWNSEND."

Giles County TN Chancery Court Records
WOODRUFF Files M through N 1830-1900, Volume III, page 78, Item 9. File Box Mc - 2 Case 3494, 1876:
Land Suit Willis N. MCCRACKEN & als vs.

"Complainants represented that Susan MCCRACKEN HARRIS the widow of C.N. HARRIS and previous to her marriage with C.N. HARRIS the widow of John MCCRACKEN, died at her residence Oct 6, 1875 leaving surviving her heirs and legatees; Nancy A. who married C.C. Tomerlin, Willis J. MCCRACKEN, Lucinda J. who married Charles S. Reeves, Mary E. married William CRABB, and Elmire N. And Almira J. MCCRACKEN who were minors. Susan HARRIS died owning a tract of land in her own right lying in the 3rd Civil District containing about 90 acres. Susan owned another tract of land containing about 40 acres sold to her by Willis ASHFORD. A Deed filed in this case and dated November 19, 1960. Registered in Deed Book "AA", page 175, J. Willis ASHFORD for the love and affection he had for his daughter Susan MCCRACKEN and her children. This land lay on Little Shoal Creek. This land was sold to ASHFORD by Joseph S. Edmundson, June 24, 1853. Deed registered in Deed Book "X", pages 79 & 80, April 5, 1854. Deed certificate filed in case. Report of the survey for the 92 acres filed in this case. J. J. ASHFORD testified that Susan was his sister. Testimony by J.J. ASHFORD, John G. Massey, Willis J. MCCRACKEN."

Submitted by Brenda Barfield