Alexander Britton
vs. Wilson Britton

File Box XXIII, Filed July 17, 1873
Alexander Britton vs. Wilson Britton et als

Complainant Alexander BRITTON represented to the court that in the year 1857, John W. BRITTON died leaving as his heirs his children: Wilson BRITTON; George W. BRITTON; James BRITTON of Giles County TN; Thomas BRITTON of Maury County TN; Franklin BRITTON of McClellan County TX; John S. BRITTON of Dallas County TX; Missouri, wife of Edward REAGAN of Lawrence County, MO; Elizabeth, wife of Joel JOINS, citizens of MO; Mary Ann, wife of Thomas LEE, citizens of Fulton County AR; and Alexander BRITTON of Giles County TN.Susannah, wife of John W. BRITTON was deceased.

John W. BRITTON died owning a tract of land which contained 150 acres of land which lay in the 10th District on Bradshaw Creek and bounded North by John R. CLARKE, South by W. R. MOORE, East by W. R. MOORE and John R. CLARKE, West by Boone WILSON, John S. and Thomas BRITTON sold their interest in the land to Joel STOCKARD of Maury County TN. Alexander BRITTON petitioned the Court for a sale of land for division among the other heirs. Joseph A. JACKSON became the purchaser of the land which was sold October 11, 1873 at Public Sale. John S. BRITTON's wife was Ann E. ? . Franklin BRITTON married Sarah C. ? .

Found in a Giles County TN Courtbook at the TN Genealogical Library by Lynn Appling McCandless.