William Perry Brown &
Julia A.C. Martin

William Perry BROWN, b. 10/2/1814, NC, d. 2/13/190l, Farmers Branch, Dallas Co., TX, bur Webbs Chapel Cemetery, Dallas, TX mar. 1/7/1840, Lynnville, Giles Co., TN

Julia A. C. MARTIN, b. 12/4/1818, TN, d. 12/5/1894, Farmers Branch, Dallas Co., TX, bur Webbs Chapel Cemetery, Dallas, TX

Mrs. Range furnished the following:

"W. P. and Julia A. C. MARTIN BROWN and all the BROWN children came to Texas in 1878, with the exception of Uncle Bob (Dr. Robert M.) who was already in Texas, from Old Lynnville (now Waco, TN-MJM), Giles County, Tennessee, where al their children were born.

"During the Civil War, in Giles County, about a thousand soldiers camped at the MARTIN Mill. Some of the children heard the soldiers talking about taking things, so they pulled some brush back and dug a hole and put some dried apples and the old clock in it and covered it with the brush. The soldiers took all the horses and food. Grandpa (W. P.) BROWN made shoes for his family, using old shoes for patterns.

"Grandpa and Grandma (W. P.) BROWN and Aunt Les were in a hack, and carried the old clock. When the party reached Memphis they were turned back by a yellow fever quarantine, so they went back up the river until they could cross. On the way across the old clock fell in the Mississippi River.

"Fletcher and Annie BROWN, Edna age 3 and Rena 2 months, and Aunt Bell (MARTIN) Filgo were in one wagon. (Aunt Bell returned to Lynnville.)

"They camped every night for 44 nights of the trip, but did not travel on Sunday. They had church services then. There were 19 wagons in the party. Other members of BROWN family in the party were Uncle Tom and Aunt Mat BROWN (who stopped at Melissa), Uncle Mart and Aunt Mandy BROWN and Lillian, Joe and Mag (BROWN) PULLEN.

"Uncle Bob had rented Fletcher & Annie BROWN a place from CARUTH. The folks living there didn't like it. They had one room of a 3 room house, and use of the stove and half a fresh hog. While living on the CARUTH place Pam lost Grandma BROWN�S ring. It was 47 years later when the well was cleaned out.

"In 1883 they went to the farm of Aunt Lizzie Thomas DURGIN (now in city of Dallas) and rented 100 acres. Carl was born there. Pam was about 14 (1889) when they bought the farm near Garland from W. T. OLINGER.

"Aunt Mag PULLEN's husband, Joe, had lost a hand in the Civil War and Aunt Les's husband, Edgar Jenkins, Uncle Tom BROWN lost an eye. His favorite story was that it was shot out by a cannon ball. Uncle Bob BROWN was left a cripple. All were Confederates.

Ref: Transcribed from notes taken from conversations with Edna Brown OLINGER.

Mrs. Range furnished the following:

"The BROWNS owned a flour mill at Lynnville,Giles Co., TN. Dr. Bob, Thomas A. BROWN and Joe PULLEN were all Confederate soldiers. Dr. Bob was left a cripple (later became diabetic), Thomas A. lost an eye and Joe PULLEN lost a hand. Dr. Bob was a pioneer physician in the Farmers Branch Area (Dallas Co., TX) and was the first of this BROWN family in Texas. The rest of the family came in 1878, including the Fletcher BROWNs, Edna and Rena, the Tom BROWNs, the Mart BROWNs and Lillian; the Joe PULLENs and the Edgar JENKINS; as well as the W. P. BROWNs. There were also others in the company not members of the BROWN family.

"W. P. BROWN and Julia A. C. MARTIN'S marriage was recorded in the Giles Co., TN "Whig-Courier", published in "Ansearchin News" one volume reprint of 1954-9, pp 101-108, "Early Giles Co., TN Marriages" by Mr. Andy WEDDINGTON, Rt. 3, Pulaski, TN. Marriage records in the Giles Co. courthouse begin with 1865."

Mrs. RANGE descends from this family. She sent me copies of a picture of Ira B. MARTIN and Sarah Annie. She has in her records that Ira's middle name was "BROWN". I have not seen that record. She also sent several articles, the following being one of them. I appreciate very much all her assistance in corrections, etc. in these lines.

1840 Giles Co., TN, p 134 W. P. BROWN 20/29, Julia 20/29

1849 William Perry BROWN is administrator of William Allen MARTIN (above)

Sterling BROWN indicates by the naming of their children that either William P. BROWN and Sterling BROWN are brothers, or that their wives were sisters. MJM

1850 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 853-427, hh 290

Sterling BROWN 38 SC Farmer

Sarah (MARTIN?) 34 SC

Alen (Ellen) 15 GA

James 12 TN

Elizabeth J. 10 TN

Mary A. M. 8 TN

Martha M. 6 TN

Sarah E. 5 TN


George E 6/12 TN

1850 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 853-427, hh 291

Wm. P. BROWN 35 NC Farmer, $1,000

J. A. C. 32 TN

Margaret M. 9 TN

Robert M. 7 TN

Thomas A. 5 TN

ALEN (Ellen) 3 TN

W. F. (m) 1 TN

1860 Giles Co., TN, Federal Census, p 15/8, hh 89

Wm. P. BROWN 45 TN

Julia A. C. 42 TN

Margaret M. 19 TN

R. M. 18 TN

Thomas A. 15 TN

Elizabeth E. 12 TN

W. F. 10 TN

Martin D. 6 TN

Amanda 4 TN

Celesta A. 2 TN

Joel VICK 19 TN

1860 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 49-98, hh 682

Sarah J. SIMMONS 35 TN Sewing & weaving $200

Mary Ann 11 TN

Sarah J. 9 TN

Amanda P. 5 TN

Eliza F. 3 TN

Josiah E. 1 TN

1860 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, Northern Subdiv., p 133-67, hh 928

Stephen S. ANDERSON 33 TN Overseer /$2600

Virginia A. 29 TN

Madora 5 TN

Hiram P. 3 TN

1870 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 32-311, hh 229

Thomas A. BROWN 25 TN Farmer $500

Martha E. 23 TN

1870 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 33-311, hh 233

William P. BROWN 55 TN Farmer $1690/$1570

Julia A. C. 52 TN Keeping house

William F. 21 TN Farm Laborer

Martin D. 16 TN Farm Laborer

Amanda J. 13 TN Attends school

Celestia A. 11TN Attends school

Joseph GOLDMAN 29 VA Mill Wright $1990/$125

1870 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 3-323, hh 21

Joseph G. PULLEN 31 TN Retail Merchant $500

*Mary M. 27 TN Keeping house

George Gordon 13 TN (Black) Domestic service

Sallie A. PULLEN 3/12 TN born March, died July 1870

1. Mary Margaret (Mag) BROWN, b. 10/14/1840, Lynnville, TN, died 6/28/1911 mar. 2/25/1869, Giles Co., TN Joseph G. PULLEN, b. ca 1839 TN

2. Robert M. BROWN (Dr. Bob), b. 9/17/1842, Lynnville, TN, d. 7/28/1900, Farmers Branch, Dallas, Co., TX mar. after 1860 Madora (Dora) ANDERSON, b. ca 1855, TN

He served in the Civil War then received medical degree from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

3. Thomas A. BROWN, 10/8/1844, Giles Co., TN, d. 6/30/1930, Garland, TX - CSA mar. 2/27/1868 at home of her father by Rev. J. Simpson FRIERSON, Martha Emma (Mattie) WILSON, b. ca 1847 TN,

Martha Emma was daughter of Jane (CROCKETT) and James WILSON, gr-dau Archibald CROCKETT and Elizabeth PARKER. Archibald was s/o Robert CROCKETT and wife Rachel KERR. Elizabeth was d/o Isaac PARKER and Elizabeth KERR. The Crockett families came to Giles Co., TN ca 1806/1812 and are buried in Elkridge Cemetery. The 2 great-grandmothers were sisters, daughters of Joseph KARR, Sr. who d in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Isaac PARKER named Elizabeth CROCKETT his daughter in his will.

(This was an old folded piece of paper Mrs. Range had. It measured about 8 1/2" wide, and 7 1/2" long. On it was typed the following information. MJM)

"Wm. P. BROWN and (J. hand written) A. C. MARTIN were married Jan 7th 1840

Archabold CROCKETT and Elizabeth PARKER were Married March the 24th 1801

Elizabeth CROCKETT Born Dec 25th 1779

Archabold CROCKETT Died Jan 10 1839

Elizabeth CROCKETT Died Dec 16 1857

(Hand calculation written about here)





End of Document

1850 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 853-427, hh 283

James WILSON 41 NC Farmer $1500

Jane A. (CROCKETT) 38 TN

Newton WILSON 19 TN

Samuel WILSON 18 TN

Mary J. WILSON 16 TN

William C. WILSON 15 TN

James M. WILSON 13 TN

Harriet E. WILSON 11 TN

Sarah M. WILSON 9 TN

Ro. Reese WILSON 5 TN

Martha E. WILSON 3 TN

Almanza MCKNIGHT 17 TN


(Jane A. CROCKETT married 1st MCKNIGHT, 2nd WILSON. The last 2 WILSON children are those borne by Jane, and the 2 MCKNIGHT children are hers by her previous marriage. MJM)


1860 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 26-14, hh 163

James WILSON 51 NC

Jane A. 48 TN

Robert R. 15 TN

*M. E. A. (Martha E. A.) 13 TN

C. C. C. (m) 7 TN

4. Elizabeth Ellen BROWN, b. 12/30/1846, Lynnville, TN, d. 10/29/1864, same place. - Named for her grand-mother? (Mrs. Range has her name as Ellen E.)

5. William Fletcher BROWN, b. 2/19/1849, Lynnville, TN, d. 1/16/1917, Garland, TX, b.ur Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Garland, TX mar. 1/16/1873, by Rev. W. H. URSERY (USSERY), Bond Bk. 2 Sarah Annie MARTIN, b. 9/27/1856, Lynnville, Giles Co., TN, d. 2/25/1949, Garland, TX

5. a. Edna BROWN, b. 1874/1878, Giles Co., TN, mar. W. V. OLINGER

b. Rena BROWN, b. 1874/1878, Giles Co., TN, d. ante 1939, mar. Charley WILLIS

c. Carl BROWN, b. 1883, Dallas Co., TX


"Mrs. W. F. BROWN, lovingly called "Grandma BROWN" by hundreds of friends, young and old, will soon celebrate her eighty-third birthday. She does her own housework in her modern brick cottage on Bankhead highway, where she daily receives visits from neighbors who bask in her cheery smile. Her sense of humor is one of her main attributes, and all through her life she has been ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Mrs. BROWN is a regular church attendant at the First Christian Church. She became a church member at Robinson Fork, Tenn., at the age of twelve. She is vitally interested in present day affairs and enjoys sports of all kinds.

"Sarah Ann MARTIN was born at Lynnville, Giles County, Tennessee, September 27, 1856, the daughter of I. B. and Melissa MARTIN, natives of Giles County. She is the oldest of the seven children, six of whom are still living. She attended school with her four sisters and two brothers in a log house with one door and two windows. There were split log benches with peg legs, and the desks were planks on pegs fastened through holds in the walls. The Civil War disrupted the schools and often they had only three month terms. Later school was held in the churches. There were many cousins and young people in her group, and they had good times at candy pullings, pop corn parties, and square dances.

"As a young girl she helped her mother spin and reel. One of the most vivid memories of her childhood were the clumsy shoes. When they needed shoes a cobbler would come to their home to make shoes for each member of the family, then go on to another place.

"W. P. BROWN was a neighbor across the road from the MARTIN home, and he owned a flour mill. He had four sons, Robert, Tom, William Fletcher and Martin, and two daughters, Lesta and Mrs. Joe PULLEN. Robert and Tom BROWN were Confederate solders, as was Joe PULLEN. Robert was left a cripple for life, Joe lost a hand, and Tom lost an eye at the battle of Raymond, Miss.

"About 1,000 Union soldiers camped at the MARTIN (BROWN?) flour mill, and the country was stripped of food and animals. Mrs. BROWN recalls her dread of these soldiers as she could watch them from the window of her home.

"She was married to William Fletcher BROWN January 16, 1873, and they went to their home after the ceremony where they had 100 guests for the wedding supper. The next day they had the in-fair dinner at the home of the groom's parents.

"There were forty-two in the party when Mr. and Mrs. BROWN and their children, Edna, now Mrs. W. V. OLINGER, and Rena (Mrs. Charley WILLIS, dec.) started for Texas on September 3, 1878. The wagon train was made up of eleven two-horse wagons and two double seated buggies. Forty-four days were required to make the trip. They did not travel on Sunday, so they averaged about twenty miles a day, arriving in Dallas County October 17. Among the families represented in the group were the PULLENS, BROWNS, MARTINS, OSBORNES, WHITES, WILSONS, ISAACS, ALLENS, PORTERS and MILLIGANS.

"They had many interesting experiences en route to Texas. They crossed the Tennessee River at Clifton, and intended crossing the Mississippi at Memphis. When they arrived there, guards turned them back as Memphis was quarantined on account of yellow fever. They went north by Reel Foot Lake in West Tennessee and crossed the Mississippi at New Madrid in Missouri. They were forced to go through Nigger Wool Swamps where they drove over a post road for sixteen miles. A man had to walk at the head of each mule or horse to keep them from slipping on the logs. Mrs. BROWN remembers the swarms of yellow jackets they went through. After passing through this swamp they camped where the turkeys, wild ducks and fish were plentiful.

"Mrs. BROWN fell in love with Texas prairies and wanted to stop before they reached Dallas County. However, they settled on the CARUTH farm on Air Line Road, and lived in this White Rock neighborhood for ten years. Watt CARUTH made the ten-mile trip to Dallas by horseback daily for the mail and delivered it to the settlers. The first year they made a marvelous crop. It was while they were living there that their son, Carl, was born in 1883.

"In 1883 they bought a farm from W. T. OLINGER. Among their neighbors for the next thirteen years were the RIDDLES, COLDWELLS, OLINGERS, PHILLIODS. MEANS, SPARKS, AKERS, BRYANTS, GREERS, NEELYS and MYERS. In 1901 they bought the old COOMER house and Mrs. BROWN has since made here home here. Mr. BROWN died January 16, 1917.

"Mrs. BROWN�S sisters are: Mrs. Belle FILGO, Temple, Texas; Mrs. Mag HICKMAN, Temple, Okla.; Mrs. Mary SPIVEY, Murray County, Tenn.; Mrs. Izora SPIVEY, Lynnville, Tenn; and one brother John MARTIN lives in Lewisburg, Tenn. Besides her son and daughter, she has six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

"To know Grandma BROWN is to love her, and the writer knows of no one who has a wider circle of devoted friends."

"s/Mrs. W. H. BRADFIELD."

"Note: Ira MARTIN was not a native of Tennessee; he was born in Georgia. It was the BROWN family who had the mill, not the MARTINS. DOR"

Mrs. Range furnished the following:

In her later years Grandma BROWN tore the pages out of her family Bible, but information from it had been copied by Clay Olinger WEBB.

"Betty DUGGAR was an orphan girl whom the Ira MARTINS kept after her parents died soon after they moved to Lynnville, until her Uncle and Aunt could come from Mississippi after her.

"Uncle Buddie (Wm. James MARTIN) was a rural mail carrier in Lynnville for nineteen years.

"In his youth John Jackson MARTIN came to Dallas County and worked one summer for W. T. OLINGER."

6. Annie E. BROWN, b. 4/6/1851, d. 1/14/1856, Lynnville, TN.

7. Martin Davis BROWN, b. 10/9/1853, Lynnville, TN, d. 3/16/1923 mar. ca 1847, Giles Co., TN Amanda P. SIMMONS, b. ca 1855, TN

8. Amanda J. BROWN, b. 1/5/1856, d. 12/10/1875, Lynnville, TN.

9. Celeste (Les) A. BROWN, b. 7/26/1858, Lynnville, TN mar. Edgar JENKINS

Submitted by Janell McCann (Deceased 1 Jul 2007)