Giles County Court

Estate Settlements

File Box II, Filed March 12, 1887- pg 6
To sell Dower tract of Jane Faison

W.J. McNeely vs. Henry T. Faison

W.J. McNeely respectfully showed to the Court that Henry T. Faison formerly of Giles County died here, intestate, many years ago owning a tract of land in the 1st Civil District of Giles County. Of this land, Dower was assigned to his widow Jane Faison. Henry T. Faison left four children surviving: Henry T. Jr., A. Rebecca Swinnea, Martha P. Swinnea and Eliza Beaman. Daughters A. Rebecca Swinnea and Martha P. Swinnea sold their share in the land to W. J. McNeely. Eliza Beaman died many years ago leaving Mary F., wife of Jerry Murphy, Margaret wife of ____Clark, Martha Balford (widow) and Sarah S. Fitzgerald who died leaving one son, Matthew Blanford Fitzgerald. The land was sold at the North Door of the Courthouse in Pulaski, October 17,1887. W. J. McNeely became the purchaser.

File Box VII, Filed September 1, 1890

A. F. Madry & als vs. Emma Harwell & als

Petitioners would respectfully show to the Court that WILLIAM S. MADRY died February 1888, intestate, at his residence leaving as his heirs, his second wife ELIZA by whom he had no children. Children by his first wife, ELIZABETH, wife of LEANDER SHIELDS, ANN E., wife of W. B. EUBANKS, MATTIE, wife of HENRY ELKINS, citizens of Alabama and ANDREW L. MADRY, the children of deceased daughter BELLE HARWELL who were: SUSIE, wife of WILLIS SURLES, EMMA, WILLIAM, SAMUEL, EDGAR, and MATTIE HARWELL. The children of deceased daughter MATILDA PINKERTON were: EURA, wife of H. E. NUTTING, and NORA ROAN a daughter of MATILDA and her second husband ?_ROAN. She died leaving no other heirs. ELIZA MADRY died in 1888. WILLIAM S. MADRY died owning a small tract of land in the 20th Civil District.

File Box XV, Filed September 7, 1869

John P. Madry & Others vs. William S. Madry & Others

JOHN P. MADRY, GUSTON KEARNEY, EDMUND E., JAMES C. MADRY, WILLIAM WHITLEY and wife SUSAN, ROBERT M. EASON, and wife MARGARET, MARY ANN MADRY, F. M. BARNETT and wife MATILDA vs. WILLIAM S. MADRY of Giles County, Tennessee, THOMAS, EDMUND, JAMES and MARY SHELTON and other Shelton children unknown who were children of BETSY SHELTON, deceased, of Texas, and BUCKNER, JOHN, SOPHIA, and ELIZABETH HORN and other unknown children of POLLY HORN, deceased of Monroe County, Mississippi. Complainants represented that Buckner Madry died at his residence in January 1846. He left surviving his widow ELIZABETH and his children JOHN P., GUSTIN K., EDMUND E. C., JAMES C. MADRY, MARY ANN MADRY, MARGARET wife of ROBERT M EASON, MATILDA, wife of F M BARNETT, SUSAN wife of WILLIAM WHITLEY, WILLIAM S MADRY. The children of daughter POLLY, who married JOHN HORN, whose names as far as were known: SOPHIA, ELIZABETH and BUCKNER HORN, but POLLY HORN had other children. The children of BETSY, wife of ALFRED SHELTON, also a daughter of BUCKNER MADRY. She was deceased, her children were THOMAS, EDMUND, JAMES, and MARY SHELTON. There were other children but were unknown at this time. BUCKNER MADRY was at the time of his death out of which 60 acres was assigned to his widow ELIZABETH for Dower. All other land not covered by the Dower was sold by Decree of the Chancery Court at Pulaski for partition among the heirs and for payment of any debts. The widow ELIZABETH died August 8, 1869, intestate and JOHN P. MADRY was the Administrator of her estate. The 60 acres of land lay in the 2nd District on the Nashville and Decatur Railroad. This land lay North of the Tunnel at Lester Station adjoining the lands of JAMES H. PETTY on the North, East by _____, South by LESTER & HARRISON, and West by JOHN MOORE. The land was not susceptible to partition and would be better if sold. ALFRED and ELIZABETH MADRY moved to McLennon County, Texas and were the parents of eleven children. The names and birthdates as follows: WILLIAM B SHELTON, 40 years of age, October 8, 1871; J. H. SHELTON, 36 years of age, August 7, 1871; THOMAS B. SHELTON, who was killed during the Civil War and would if living be about 44 years of age; EDMUND M SHELTON, who died during the War and if living be 38 years; ALFRED M. SHELTON who died about 1851 and would if living be about 32 years of age; D. D. SHELTON who died during the War and would if living be about 30 years of age; B. M. SHELTON died about the year 1844 and would if living be about 24 years of age; JOHN W. SHELTON if living about 27 years of age; whereabouts unknown. T. B. SHELTON if living 23 years, whereabouts unknown. MARY J. wife of THOMAS H. BARNES, whose age was 42 years of age, April 6, 1872; ELIZABETH, wife if W. A. GRAHAM, age 39 on the 4th of June 1872. This was sworn to by WILLIAM B. and J. H. SHELTON, June 4, 1872, McLennon County, Texas where the family resided. POLLY MADRY who married JOHN E. HORN and moved to Monroe County, Mississippi. Her children as far as known were: BUCKNER, SOPHIA, ELIZABETH and JOHN HORN. The children of POLLY HORN, deceased, had not been heard from since the Civil War which was at this time about thirteen years. This was sworn to by JOHN P. MADRY July 10, 1878

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