County Court Records

Although this court case was handled in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, the descendants of John Daly lived in Giles County, Tennessee.

John Daly Estate Settlement

	Chancery Court Record..Mecklenburg County Virginia 
	Case #1810-029    Joseph Dailey 
                          Executor Of John Daly Estate

February 1809 
Order To Settle The Administration And Divide The Report

February 1810 
Report Rec'd Decree accordingly see Will Book for Report and Admin

To the Wonderful County Court Of Mecklenburg (Virginia) In
Chancery I humbly complying to the Court your orator an legatees
..Joseph Dailey..Charles Thompson and Frances his wife...James
Eubank And Susannah his wife and Patsy Daly and infant daughter of
Mary by th said  Joseph Daly her guardian and next friend ...John
Bugg Administrator...Peter Ge and Elizabeth his wife...John Daly
And Jones Daly infants of Daniel Daly by Burwell Abernathy their
guardian And next friend appeal to the Court that John Daly of
Mecklenburg County published his will in which he appointed Daniel
Daly and Ambrose Daly his securities that they both took Probate

From that time that Daniel Daly has departed this life and John
Bugg has administrated his estate in due form Daniel leaving your
orator and legatees  Elizabeth Gee*, John Daly and Jones Daly. By
the said will (John Daly Sr.) The estate divised to his wife Mary
A tract of land, slaves and some personal estate during her
lifetime subscribe is to sale and make the payment of four here
Mary of One Hundred Dollars each and the residue to be equally
divided between all his surviving children...that your orator and
oratee..... Joseph Daly....Frances Thompson....Susannah
Eubank...Mary Daly..The mother of Patsy Daly...Daniel Daly. The
other executor
Are entitled to the residue part thereof that the said Mary is now
dec'd and the estate (of John Daly) to be divided as the will
directs, that commissioners may be appointed and authorize the
said executor, who is herein name (Ambrose Daly) The defendant and
that the residue of the estate be equally divided between the
plaintiffs and the defendants according to the will.

The answer of Ambrose Daly executor of John Daly to a bill in
Chancery executed against him in this Court by Joseph (Josiah)
Daly and other legatee of the said John Daly the defendant
answering in this cause that he has no objection to the division
ans settlement applied for. It is decreed and ordered that James
Harwell...Wilson Walker...Burwell Abernathy...Henry Walker and
William     ???
or any three of them are appointed commissioners to settle the
answer of the defendants adminstration and to divide the balance
in his hand according to the will and make report to the Court in
order to the decree.

Submitted by Shirley Hargrove
[email protected]