J.R. Thomason & wife Mary
vs. Mat Faught & als.

Giles County Chancery Court, Woodruff Files 1830-1900

File Box T-5 Case 4223 - 1885

J. R. THOMASON & wife Mary vs. MAT FAUGHT & als.

J. R. THOMASON & wife MARY of Maury County, Tennessee vs. MADISON & WILLIAM FAUGHT. Plaintiff represented that MARY THOMASON was the owner of a tract of 163 acres of land situated in the 5th District. This land was Deeded to MARY THOMASON by J. W. P. & FRANCIS WALKER of Maury County, Tennessee and registered in Deed Book "OO", page 33. The land was rented to Defendant MADISON FAUGHT for the years 1880-1881-1882-1883 but made no contract for the year 1884. The FAUGHTS cut and sold valuable timber from the land and owed money to the THOMASONS. Both Defendants were wholly insolvent and worthless. The Complaintants sued the FAUGHTS to recover the tract of land. J. R & MARY THOMASON asked that a Writ of Injunction be issued to restrain the FAUGHTS from cutting and removing or selling or in any way disposing of any trees, timber or any other materials on the premises and a Receiver be appointed to control and manage the land, that Decrees be rendered in favor of MARY THOMASON for damages to land and timber. Depositions by MATT FAUGHT, JOHN BUCHANAN, JAMES CHAPMAN, J. R. THOMASON, WASHINGTON WALKER AND others. The land in question belonged to LEE H. WISDOM.

LEE (Leander) H. WISDOM died (Civil War Soldier) leaving his widow and four children who moved to Pope County, Arkansas after the Civil War. The land belonged to GEORGE WALLS before Lee H. Wisdom. ROBERT DICKEY was to rent and manage property for MRS. WISDOM, he being her brother-in-law. J. R. THOMASON and wife MARY sold the land to MATT FAUGHT and his heirs this being January 4, 1883. It was Decreed by this Courth that the land be divided between MADISON FAUGHT & J.R. THOMASON & wife. MADISON FAUGHT received 78 acres and THOMASON received 82.8 acres. The land was situated on Muckle Branch. This was the second Decree by Court. The land was surveyed this February 17, 1888. R.P. YANCY was the commissioner appointed by Court. A Deed from GEORGE L.H. WISDOM (Lee's Wisdom's son) of Pope County, Arkansas to J.R. & MARY THOMASON in this Case. A big controversy between MADISON FAUGHT & others over 163 acres on Muckle Branch, 5th District, Giles County, Tennessee. MADISON FAUGHT had lived on the land for many years.

Submitted by: Everett & Barbara Graham