Giles County Court

Although this court case was handled in Lunenburg County, Virginia, the descendants of Mary Fisher lived in Giles County, Tennessee.

Mary Fisher Estate Settlement

In Lunenburg Superior Court of Law and Chancery...1839

John PRITCHETT and Susanna his wife ...
Mary DALY ...
William SMITH  
Ann         ,,,Turner ABERNATHY .......
Robert BLACKWELL and Mary his wife.....
Elisha SMART and Martha his wife
Defendants   ..
Thomas D FISHER in his own right and as executor of the will of
Mary FISHER Dec'd
Robert WARREN and Harriet his wife...   
Dabney P. Phillips and Jane his wife....
William FISHER. .
Maria FISHER.. 
Benjamin FISHER

This cause in which the plaintiffs have proceeded against the
defendants ... Thomas D. FISHER, Thomas BLACKWELL and Mary his
wife.....Robert H. WARREN and Harriet his wife...William, Benjamin
and Maria FISHER..Who are out of this commonwealth in the manner
provided by law and as to whom the bill is taken for.

As to the defendants came to be heard. On the bill answer
defendants James FISHER and Elizabeth it was argued by counsel on
consideration whereof the court doth order that the defendant
Thomas D. FISHER do bring before Commissioners of this Court an
account of his administration of the Estate of Mary FISHER dec'd
who is directed to examine estate and settle the same and make
report thereof with any matter deemed by himself or which may be
required to be stated by either party.

		Teste    WM TAYLOR

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