John Thomas Hardiman, CSA
Pension Application

John Thomas HARDIMAN CSA, son of William Melvin Hardiman/Margaret Grady, was born on May 9, 1842 in Giles Co., TN. He died on March 19, 1926 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. He was buried in Chickasha, Grady Co., OK. Dec 1861 he enlisted as a private in Co D 53rd TN Infantry. His payroll muster papers state he was "home on sick leave when surrender". The manner in which this record is written it appears that John Thomas was home on sick leave at the surrender at the end of the war. Records beginning in 1919 document him as having been captured at Ft Donalson, imprisoned at Camp Morton, IN, exchanged at Vicksburg in Sep of 1862, and he then served until the end of the war. He was probably on sick leave when Vicksburg, MS surrendered, and he rejoined his CSA army unit as soon as he was able. These papers include three soldiers who signed statements swearing they served with John until the end of the war. There are also papers signed by two women who were neighbors of his family during the Civil War. There is a stamp "ACCEPTED" across the cover page of his file.

He was married to Sophronia L PAMPLIN (daughter of Henry Housland PAMPLIN and Delinda Lucinda RAMEY) on October 30, 1859 in Giles Co., TN. Sophronia L PAMPLIN was born about 1842 in TN. She died about 1908 in Grady Co., OK.

He was married to Ruth "Poletha" WALES (daughter of WALES). Ruth "Poletha" WALES was born about 1842 in TN. She signed form for sale of her husband's 1/11 share of Wm Hardiman's estate through an attorney in Lincoln County TN.

1908-1925 from notes of A. Shannon Hardiman - Sophranio died about 1908/1909 in OK. John operated a store on the old highway in Chickasha, OK. He later sold the store and moved back to TN. He reared his grandson Melvin. John died in Davidson Co., TN, but was returned to OK for burial. John sold his grocery business to his son-in-law Joe Yates husband of Ann Hardiman Yates. He left for TN with Melvin as a baby in 1908 and married Ruth Wales and lived in TN until 1916 when he moved to OK with Ruthie and Ann and Melvin. He lived in OK until 1920 when he returned to Lawrence Co., TN, then to Mt. Pleasant, then to Nashville where he died in 1926.

1912 he signed forms for sale of his 1/11 share of Wm Hardiman's estate filed in 1914 Giles Co., TN through an attorney in Lincoln County, TN. His wife's name was given as Poletha.

9 July 1919 - Letter from Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners to ADJUTANT GENERAL Washington, D.C. Dear Sir: J. T. Hardiman who is an applicant for Pension under the Tennessee Pension Law claims to have been a member of Company D, 53 TN Infantry Regiment C.S.A. and to have been paroled with the Regiment at end of the war. Please give me the record of this soldier, Respectfully W H Colby.

14 July 1919 - Letter from war Department The Adjutant General's Office - Respectfully returned to TN. Board of Pension Examiner, Nashville, TN with the information that John T. Hardiman, Private. Capt. Thomas F Winston's Co., (Later Co. D 53rd Regt TN Infantry enlisted Jan 1, 1862. Regiment was captured at Ft. Donelson TN. Feb 14, 1862, and exchanged at Vicksburg, Sep 20, 1862 reorganized and declared exchanged at Aikens Landing, VA Nov 10, 1862. Company roll not dated states John T. Hardiman "home on sick leave when surrender".

19 Jul 1919 Lawrence Co., TN Applied for CSA Pension - Application states he was born in Giles Co., TN in 1842. He enlisted fall of 1861 53rd regiment under Capt Wilkes, Nath Garrett 1st Lt., Col Alf. Abernathy. Taken prisoner at Ft Donalson, Slight wound in head at Chiquamagua (hospitalization was not required), and was at battle of Franklin. He states he was discharged with Hoods army at end of war. He was not paroled and did not take the oath. He stated there were four people in his Henryville, Lawrence Co., TN household besides himself was his wife age 54, grandson age 13, and sister-in-law age 52 (He did not give their names).

6 Feb 1920 Henryville, Tennessee Letter to General John P. Hickman, Secy. Nashville, TN. Dear Sir: Please advise if any action has yet been on my application for pension, claim #5440 (claim # was actually 15430). Will very greatly appreciate your attention and reply. Yours Truly, John T. Hardiman.

9 Feb 1920 Letter from Secretary of Pension Board
The Board did not allow his application for pension. The War records show him as having enlisted in Jan of 1862, captured at Ft Donelson Feb 1862, and exchanged September of 1862, and after that the war records show him home sick. Proof must be furnished for his discharge from the army.

Jun 1920 Lawrence Co., TN Census with grandson Melvin, Wife Poletha, and sister-in-law Annie Joiner.

23 Jun 1920 Letter to Pension Board notarized by J D Ralston, Witnessed by J. F. Moore and G. W. Foster - These are my witnesses and they was with me about all of the time until the end of the war. These Ladies was my "nabors" while I was gone to the army. (signed by Mrs. J. L. Moore and Mrs. M. E. Foster). The facts in this case you cant doubt. The battle of Peach Tree Church below Atlanta. The Retuces(?) Elsa(?) Church when we evacuated Atlanta was the hardest fight of all. The fight at Franklin Nashville and marched with Hood to Tupelo where we went into headquarters (?) early in April. ???? Weekly to Fort Donelson. Signed by J T Hardiman, G. W. Foster, J. F. Moore.

27 Jun 1920 Letter received from Secretary of Pension Board (Claim # 15430) - The board was not satisfied with John's record as a soldier. The last record they had was his exchange on November 10, 1862. They must have positive proof to grant the pension request.

24 July 1920 - Letter from Jno. F Morrison Lawyer Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners c/c State Capitol Nashville, TN. Gentlemen: I am writing you in the interest of J. T. Hardeman, whose post-office address is R.F.D. #2 Box 73, Ethridge, Tennessee, and who is an applicant for a pension, having filed his application with you about one year ago. Mr. Hardeman is an old Confederate soldier, being now past 78 years old, and has no income except from charity and the little bits of work which he sometimes performs, and he informs me that he has been unable to perform any kind od work for the past year, and whatever you might do for Mr. Hardeman should be done as soon as possible, for he needs this pension; and anything done for him would be greatly appreciated. I would thank you to write Mr. Hardeman and advise him what action, if any has been taken on his application, and what he may expect from the Board. Thanking you, etc. I am Yours very truly, John F. Morrison.

11 Nov 1920 Letterhead Jo P. Kidd Cedar Hill Produce and Stock Farm - Letter to General John P Hickman in Nashville, TN regarding J. T. Hardiman # 15430 Pension request. This letter, signed by Jo P. Kidd requests consideration for approval of J. T.'s pensions request. J. T. does not know of any living Confederate comrade other than one still living, and that one lives too far away to visit to get confirmation of service until end of war. J. T.'s pay records were burned in house fire that destroyed everything that he owned. J. T. crossed the river at Florence, AL in Hood's retreat. J. T. is an honest deserving old man and would never make claim if he were able to work.

J. T. enlisted at the beginning of the war, was captured at Ft Donalson, exchanged in Sept of 1862, went home on sick leave, and returned to the army as soon as he was able. Please find a means of relief for this old man.

16 November 1920 - Letter to Mr. Joe Kidd Route No. 2, Ethridge, TN. My dear Sir: In this case Mr. Hardiman says he was discharged from Hood's army at the close of the war. The war records report he was at home sick. The evidence in this case is indefinite. I think I told Mr. Patterson a few days ago just what is necessary in this case. We will be glad to do anything we can under the law. The Board places a good deal of confidence in any statements you can make in this case and if you make proof that he was paroled in 1865 it will be considered and help his case very much. Very Respectfully. By order of the Board, WLMcK:M Special Examiner.

21 Dec 1920 Notarized statement by J. T. Hardiman
This is why I have not my discharge it was burnt when my house was burnt. I had a honorable discharge that is time so help me God.

4 Jan 1921 - Notarized statement by T. W. Wise Notary Public - This is to certify that J. T. Hardiman did serve the confederance army to the end which was in the spring of 1865 May the first then received his discharge this is true A J Helmilf (Kelmilf?)

19 Mar 1926 Nashville, TN death certificate 5599 file #749. Resided at 458 Moore Ave. H. H. Hardiman, at the same address, was informant. Death certificate gave his birth date. Death certificate also stated John Thomas Hardiman was married. Martin and Rollow undertakers. He body was sent to Chickasha, OK 20 Mar 1926 for burial.

Submitted by Joe W. Hardiman